Banking, Starbucks Frappa, a upload and sleeping in – lost productivity at it’s best

So off it was to the bank, to take care of those billy bill bills. It didn’t take long, arrived on time, it started to sprinkle by the time I got out and headed to starbucks. I already got the ISP bill and mobile bill paid at starbucks while uploading a video about replacing the NiCD batteries with NiMH cells for the cordless phone battery pack’s renewal, which requires me to buy some ray-o-vac batteries. It’ll be worthwhile.

Now since I’m at starbucks, I grabbed a frappacino, the strawberry with whipped cream. Oh fuck, IT IS SO DAMN GOOD!!! I’ll be having another one right afterwards, and I hope what’s in the bike’s basket doesn’t get rained on. What a pity it’ll be with $150 in it, including the paid bills. (Usually I take it home, drop it off before heading out.. Today was an exception.)

What screwed up today, for this morning, I woke up exactly at the same time I went to bed, except 12 hours ahead of time. Yup, at 3:00 pm. That sucks, because I wasted 4 extra hours. What a pity. Maybe I should have verified that my alarm wasn’t turned down by mistake, I was trying to get a radio station tuned back in after hitting the tune dial. Oh well, my bad. Next time, up at 11, or 8.

Sleeping in is never a good thing for anybody because there is always the thing of lost productivity. Oh well, I’ll leave it at that. I have to ensure things don’t get screwed up next time around.

But I did film the occupy rally yesterday and it’s still being uploaded. 1 hour and 5 minutes worth of speaking and encouraging facts. I hope mayday turns out to be huge instead of it being in small numbers which was the result of the rally at 2:30pm until 4pm. Mayday needs to be BIG. I intend to be there before 4, way before it, maybe at 2, 3pm, to setup the tripod in the rear and to ride next to everybody.

Well, thanks for taking the time to read on, don’t forget to check out the About page for more info on where to stalk and subscribe to my video blogs and to read my statuses/tweets. PEACE!!

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Blank and doing nothing

So today started with getting up very late in the afternoon after staying up until 5:00am this morning after a bike trip around the postal code grid of m6n. Well, that didn’t do me any good, because it screwed up my day.

I ended up not being able to go to weston and lawrence to meet my brother at wendy’s to pickup the card reader, so now I’m stuck (not that it’s urgent) waiting until the next time he comes over to have it returned.

So I ended up biking the same route I did yesterday, just earlier in the evening while there was some daylight. What I assumed to be a path running through a fence along the side of a railway, the part of it was too narrow to ride or walk the bike through, since the fence that I was going to go over was run over by someone using an ATV, I didn’t take the risk of puncturing my tires.

So I turned back and headed home, I didn’t feel like fighting the winds to get home, so next time tomorrow, I’ll take the day to go biking throughout the city and haul some shit to ensure I get a full-on sweaty workout.

That’s all for now, I’m watching a documentary on TVO, second one of the day, I’ll watch a few more until 2 or 3 in the morning before heading to the bed to sleep. I might even catch a movie on TMN.

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Occupy Toronto supplementary filming and MORE!!

So the day began with me waking up right at 10:00 am, preparing myself to go downtown into the city core, to film some supplementary video footage for Occupy Toronto.

As soon as I got to Dundas Square, I didn’t see anybody there from occupy, until I roamed around the square, I couldn’t just sit in the square on the bike due to the annoying security guard telling me I can’t be on a bike, but why didn’t he tell the other six cyclists? Beats me.

I finally noticed them coming with rolled up flags, a news camera (a big one at that), and one of those portable medium sized 20 lb amps. I then, as soon as they crossed into the centre of the street, scrambled to get the camcorder out of the case, shoved the battery in it and turned it on, started filming on the spot.

Only once did I have to put it down, to lock the wheel when it was still recording (bad idea!), so people wouldn’t get hit by the bike if they bumped it. As soon as the troublesome wheel was locked to the frame, I picked it up and continued to film until the flash occupation/mob was done, then it moved to Gould Street. I filmed yet again, but this time it was LONGER.
The cops eventually tried to wreck it, but ha!, it didn’t work. They eventually gave in and made sure traffic didn’t run people over. It then cleared out and we went to the Toronto Eaton Centre to finish the flash occupation/mob.

Mall security came shortly after close to it’s end, six guards in total, but they also had to give in and enjoy the hiphop spectacular! It ended with nobody being barred or kicked out. I think security gave them some props for local talent.

I then exchanged information with the coordinators and headed home after they all split to go their ways.

The footage was then imported in VGA at 640×480 at 128 kB/s which turned out to be choppy, so I then did it at a variable bit rate. It turned out smoothly, at VGA (640×480 @ 30 fps), between 256 and 320 kB/s. The end result was a 96mB file. I zipped up the photos and up it went to sugarsync. So by tomorrow, the coordinator should get the e-mail with the shared public folder for them to access, download the zip archive and video, then choose what sections to use for the viral video.

Well… That’s about all that occurred aside from my brother coming over to print his T4’s and to head back home.

Thanks for reading the long blog post! IT MEANS A TON!! 🙂


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The main reasons why I quit gaming

I’ll tell you the main reasons why I quit gaming, in a short post, or maybe a long one, while I recover from gamer’s itch and listening to bollywood at the same time.

During the time I was a pc gamer, using both windows and eventually linux, I really REALLY enjoyed it. High scores, fast times, far levels. It was so bad I loved it! But then…. It happened… The itching started. It started as an occasional nuisance, then it got worse. It carried on as I gamed longer, so I shortened the time between gaming. Funny, this never happened much when I was enjoying beating NES games and matches, up until a certain point. Once it got TOO much to deal with, I stopped. Like, stopped dead, in my tracks.

I thought WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING WITH ME?!!???!! I was itching as SOON as I started playing a fucking game!! So I thought, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! I have had it!! I quit from then on, only gaming occasionally. Gamer’s itch is REAL, and it does frustrate even the most patient and experienced gamers. It happens even if you’re able to ignore the itch until you can pause the game or reach a point where the controller or keyboard can be left unattended without losing/dying JUST to get that itch solved. Then it keeps happening OVER and OVER again. It’s MADNESS I TELL YOU!!!

So yeah, that’s why I quit. I don’t have as much fun as I used to, regardless of where I go, even in the arcades, it just gets to me and never stops.

How many of you have gamer’s itch? Comment, I’d love to know how you found a way to cure it. Because it is a BITCH of a BASTARD to go through. I feel for you, gamers.

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From 10am to 9pm, on the bike for the day with a three hour break for a jam session!

So starting at 10:00am, I left my place, to head over to lesmill drive. The wind was going south-west at the time, even though the weather report said north-east. Flags don’t lie, weather stations do. That’s the only gripe, it’s never accurate anymore.

So I was left to fight, to get all the way there. It was a majorly bike friendly travel, except going up the first 16 blocks of St. Clair Ave. West. Then it was all smooth. Until I got to moore street, it was okay, there was only two people who honked at me, when they could have just driven around me. Maybe it’s because they don’t like the sign? So what, you don’t own the fucking road. So get that through your heads, motorists.

Once I arrived at the location, after two indirect left turns, it was all great. A nice jam session outside in the sun, almost a march, then some more. After that, some food and off I went home. I ended up taking the tayler creek trail, which was inaccurate on google map, which it was blocked off from behind a school where it originally was the entrance and start of it. Basically, it’s a discontinued railway stub, turned into a shared bicycle/walking/running/jogging pathway.

It took me to leslie, which I went south and entered the park, once I got down into the ravine, all went well. I burned myself out by taking the pathway (there’s two, one without the bridges) I haven’t used before, but I handled it. Turns out one of the tires had lost some air, so they had to be pumped to gain the speed and smoothness. I also had one of my mirrors come loose and hang below the handle bars. That was a pain in the ass. I’ll have to re-tighten it up again I guess.

The same thing happened to the rear brake, which needs to be snapped back in to be used. Front break isn’t enough. I ended up skipping a few trails and went through a small park once I got to the lakeshore, went up spadina to dupont and west via a few parks, ossington to davenport and skipped the underpass due to a VERY sore back. Walking the bike through the construction field of the junction wasn’t easy, I can tell you that. It nearly got STUCK. I took st. Clair to the place where I reside and all is well now, I’m just paying for the worn out body workout.
What did you do today?

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Google’s MapMaker, additions, etc.

I discovered google mapmaker today, the great thing is, you can add/edit trails, roads, places, etc. But you can’t add bicycle routes to existing roads, which is a bummer. That is my only gripe right now. I’ll be using the Feedback tool to request Bike Routes to be added, so then I could insert my own preferred routes, which could be used by many as an added benefit.. I did manage to add some additions that are pending review, which should be approved later once others have the chance to verify them.

They are: Woolner Trail (requested to be renamed Woolner Pathway instead)
Symes Park Trail (Spanning in a small park which basically was symes road before it got turned into a park way back in the day)

Those were the only ones I felt which needed to be contributed, because I took those pathways for the longest time and noticed other people using them, so I thought, why not eh?

Until they have “Bicycle Route” as the choice of colored lines, I won’t be able to include Corbett Ave or Mould Ave as official bicycle routes. Both streets are smooth and very bicycle friendly. Maybe even parts of St. Clair too, and other routes I use more often. I’ll find out more by contacting some active highly contributing members so maybe they could mark it as a bicycle route, making my edits less troublesome.

That’s all for now! 🙂

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