I guess not!

I guess I didn’t keep the uploads going all night. I needed my sleep, so I ended up passing out and had to plug in the tablet to charge until I woke up, when it was fully done. Uploads are resuming, three completed, still have 13 to go now.

It went pretty fast for a few hundred megabytes of HDeeness. I’m making a tea now, maybe having a coffee later. Besides, coffee in the afternoon is ballox. Oh well, time to get that tea on!

Also note, I’ll be blogging in between making video blogs on the web, so this gives my voice a break when I’m stuffed up or the allergies are attacking. I’m sure you DON’T want to see me sneezing my head off and becoming disoriented during a video. That wouldn’t be proper, as that’s what is going on right now. A brilliant running nose, but no sneezing, thank goodness.

Nice and warm outside, nice and bright. Laters or until next blog!

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