Imagine uploading 30 HD videos all through the night…

Okay… So only 3 of 30 uploads has begun. Yes, 30. I’ll have to mark all of them as private before I even begin putting them together using youtube’s editor, then download the final video and upload it on the other two video sites I use. Once that’s done, which will take a very long time, then you’ll see the video explode on google like a bombing egg in the microwave. So you’ll have to wait. I’ll be announcing and linking to this blog in my next video blog AFTER these videos are finally posted, combined and mirrored. #4 is on it’s way (remember, the batch uploading isn’t working right, which sucks on youtube’s behalf), soon to be #5 and so on.

Just wait until it’s up up UP! 🙂

Peace until then.


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