BBQ, redneck style!

So yeah, as the post says, I fired up the BBQ after adding coal and coal lighting fluid. It only took 5 minutes to bring it to over 500’C, roaring flames too, 3 ft. high at one point.

Once they started to die down, I added the chops. Mine got overcooked because I didn’t monitor or time it right, but the other two were fully cooked, a tad bit tough, but were okay. I then proceeded to (a big mistake) put some coal into the torch pot (one is a BBQ, the other is for a torch that sits inside it), while it was lit. it foamed up and went out just like someone through sand at it.

I then proceeded to scoop it all out, wasn’t easy either. I guess I’ll learn from that and refrain from making the same mistake again. All in all, it was a great day spent cooking. Lol

What did you BBQ before, what does your grill look like and did you make it yourself? 😀

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