Google’s MapMaker, additions, etc.

I discovered google mapmaker today, the great thing is, you can add/edit trails, roads, places, etc. But you can’t add bicycle routes to existing roads, which is a bummer. That is my only gripe right now. I’ll be using the Feedback tool to request Bike Routes to be added, so then I could insert my own preferred routes, which could be used by many as an added benefit.. I did manage to add some additions that are pending review, which should be approved later once others have the chance to verify them.

They are: Woolner Trail (requested to be renamed Woolner Pathway instead)
Symes Park Trail (Spanning in a small park which basically was symes road before it got turned into a park way back in the day)

Those were the only ones I felt which needed to be contributed, because I took those pathways for the longest time and noticed other people using them, so I thought, why not eh?

Until they have “Bicycle Route” as the choice of colored lines, I won’t be able to include Corbett Ave or Mould Ave as official bicycle routes. Both streets are smooth and very bicycle friendly. Maybe even parts of St. Clair too, and other routes I use more often. I’ll find out more by contacting some active highly contributing members so maybe they could mark it as a bicycle route, making my edits less troublesome.

That’s all for now! šŸ™‚

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