From 10am to 9pm, on the bike for the day with a three hour break for a jam session!

So starting at 10:00am, I left my place, to head over to lesmill drive. The wind was going south-west at the time, even though the weather report said north-east. Flags don’t lie, weather stations do. That’s the only gripe, it’s never accurate anymore.

So I was left to fight, to get all the way there. It was a majorly bike friendly travel, except going up the first 16 blocks of St. Clair Ave. West. Then it was all smooth. Until I got to moore street, it was okay, there was only two people who honked at me, when they could have just driven around me. Maybe it’s because they don’t like the sign? So what, you don’t own the fucking road. So get that through your heads, motorists.

Once I arrived at the location, after two indirect left turns, it was all great. A nice jam session outside in the sun, almost a march, then some more. After that, some food and off I went home. I ended up taking the tayler creek trail, which was inaccurate on google map, which it was blocked off from behind a school where it originally was the entrance and start of it. Basically, it’s a discontinued railway stub, turned into a shared bicycle/walking/running/jogging pathway.

It took me to leslie, which I went south and entered the park, once I got down into the ravine, all went well. I burned myself out by taking the pathway (there’s two, one without the bridges) I haven’t used before, but I handled it. Turns out one of the tires had lost some air, so they had to be pumped to gain the speed and smoothness. I also had one of my mirrors come loose and hang below the handle bars. That was a pain in the ass. I’ll have to re-tighten it up again I guess.

The same thing happened to the rear brake, which needs to be snapped back in to be used. Front break isn’t enough. I ended up skipping a few trails and went through a small park once I got to the lakeshore, went up spadina to dupont and west via a few parks, ossington to davenport and skipped the underpass due to a VERY sore back. Walking the bike through the construction field of the junction wasn’t easy, I can tell you that. It nearly got STUCK. I took st. Clair to the place where I reside and all is well now, I’m just paying for the worn out body workout.
What did you do today?

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