The main reasons why I quit gaming

I’ll tell you the main reasons why I quit gaming, in a short post, or maybe a long one, while I recover from gamer’s itch and listening to bollywood at the same time.

During the time I was a pc gamer, using both windows and eventually linux, I really REALLY enjoyed it. High scores, fast times, far levels. It was so bad I loved it! But then…. It happened… The itching started. It started as an occasional nuisance, then it got worse. It carried on as I gamed longer, so I shortened the time between gaming. Funny, this never happened much when I was enjoying beating NES games and matches, up until a certain point. Once it got TOO much to deal with, I stopped. Like, stopped dead, in my tracks.

I thought WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING WITH ME?!!???!! I was itching as SOON as I started playing a fucking game!! So I thought, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! I have had it!! I quit from then on, only gaming occasionally. Gamer’s itch is REAL, and it does frustrate even the most patient and experienced gamers. It happens even if you’re able to ignore the itch until you can pause the game or reach a point where the controller or keyboard can be left unattended without losing/dying JUST to get that itch solved. Then it keeps happening OVER and OVER again. It’s MADNESS I TELL YOU!!!

So yeah, that’s why I quit. I don’t have as much fun as I used to, regardless of where I go, even in the arcades, it just gets to me and never stops.

How many of you have gamer’s itch? Comment, I’d love to know how you found a way to cure it. Because it is a BITCH of a BASTARD to go through. I feel for you, gamers.

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One thought on “The main reasons why I quit gaming

  1. I had the same problem so I quit I feel better I will now only play a multiplayer game with a friend offline.

    -Mod here, corrected the spelling of your comment, it triggered the spam filter for some reason. Thanks for the feedback!


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