Occupy Toronto supplementary filming and MORE!!

So the day began with me waking up right at 10:00 am, preparing myself to go downtown into the city core, to film some supplementary video footage for Occupy Toronto.

As soon as I got to Dundas Square, I didn’t see anybody there from occupy, until I roamed around the square, I couldn’t just sit in the square on the bike due to the annoying security guard telling me I can’t be on a bike, but why didn’t he tell the other six cyclists? Beats me.

I finally noticed them coming with rolled up flags, a news camera (a big one at that), and one of those portable medium sized 20 lb amps. I then, as soon as they crossed into the centre of the street, scrambled to get the camcorder out of the case, shoved the battery in it and turned it on, started filming on the spot.

Only once did I have to put it down, to lock the wheel when it was still recording (bad idea!), so people wouldn’t get hit by the bike if they bumped it. As soon as the troublesome wheel was locked to the frame, I picked it up and continued to film until the flash occupation/mob was done, then it moved to Gould Street. I filmed yet again, but this time it was LONGER.
The cops eventually tried to wreck it, but ha!, it didn’t work. They eventually gave in and made sure traffic didn’t run people over. It then cleared out and we went to the Toronto Eaton Centre to finish the flash occupation/mob.

Mall security came shortly after close to it’s end, six guards in total, but they also had to give in and enjoy the hiphop spectacular! It ended with nobody being barred or kicked out. I think security gave them some props for local talent.

I then exchanged information with the coordinators and headed home after they all split to go their ways.

The footage was then imported in VGA at 640×480 at 128 kB/s which turned out to be choppy, so I then did it at a variable bit rate. It turned out smoothly, at VGA (640×480 @ 30 fps), between 256 and 320 kB/s. The end result was a 96mB file. I zipped up the photos and up it went to sugarsync. So by tomorrow, the coordinator should get the e-mail with the shared public folder for them to access, download the zip archive and video, then choose what sections to use for the viral video.

Well… That’s about all that occurred aside from my brother coming over to print his T4’s and to head back home.

Thanks for reading the long blog post! IT MEANS A TON!! 🙂


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