Out the entire day!

So the day started with a different plan instead of originally going to the spadina and college markets, we went to starbucks, not the one at beresford, but the one at college and beverley. It took quite a bit of slow coasting along beside the family member while we made our way there. I got screwed up and confused twice when my location awareness went haywire, going east towards Bay street instead of Beverley.

Had to turn right around and head west instead. Eventually we got there after walking/coasting for an hour. I ordered a frappacino and they got a double expresso long. It lasted until 8pm, when we headed to the lebanon restaurant a block away. It was amazing, the steak and cheese sandwich I ordered. A great deal for $5.99. Much better than I had before.

After eating that, I raced the family member right to the starbucks at beresford and before going in, waited in the parkette for my brother. He got there very late, by that time,starbucks was closed. Bummer. I wasn’t intending to have coffee, just another frappacino. Laying off the caffeine isn’t easy. My brother made the choice to head over to mcdonalds.

I then requested a cup, and filled it with soda, then sprite, and enjoyed it, sipped it slowly, until we had to go. I was so happy to have a cool beverage and to have his non-angered, unirritated, cheerful company. I was satisfied and we all had a great time.

On the way out, he nagged me about riding on the sidewalk after I was given the rest of the coffee by a family member to finish. I wasn’t going to chug it, then feel like shit, only to throw it back up. No way in my good day was I wanting to endure that!! I stopped and stayed in one spot to finish it slowly, and then headed along Bloor to get home.

Now I’m home, a bit sleepless due to the coffee and heated oven-like weather. I feel good, I hope I could sleep. I really do. Because I have a big day ahead of me tomorrow. I was supposed to drop by two stores, but missed them.

Oh well, can’t turn back time or travel that way until the technology is existing. Peace out, have a good time and thank you for reading! Feel free to share this on your blog, in a video, link to this anywhere and like this too!

Drunk on a wednesday night – after edward’s father’s funeral, he really let loose!!

So it started after we entered the big park behind the ontario science centre, we got some booze and used code to define it, drunk up a storm and remained sober, then we headed to the annex live. We performed a few tracks, homebrews, spot on creations of randomness, (video won’t be linked, sorry) and got totally hammered. The best part about it: we are all randomly leveled drunk, high, etc. High on beer that is, nothing hard or and better than a few jugs. It was fucking brilliantly awesome.

Edward really let loose this time and wasn’t even drunk after five drinks. Quite surprising, maybe he could have had more? I think so… Maybe next few weekends. Things might be crazy, insane or extreme with the music. Who knows, magic happens when we get wild with our music, mostly sober a majority of the time and rarely drunk and jamming out. One day, we might perform drunk for YOU to rate.

But who knows. I have to get home tripping out and drunk, so yeah, it’ll be slow, chaotic and awesome at the same time. I just wish my bike had a magaphone built-in for next time. Things would be so damn great regardless. I’m outside the gig location at bathurst and brunswick and dizzy as hell. I bet satan gave me an arm to rest on, or broke his guitar strings. Lolz.

PEACE!!! Yeah, I wrote this drunk, but there aren’t even any spelling errors. 😉

Chemtrails, Toronto Islands and Victoria day!

So yesterday and today was a little different. Two videos of #chemtrails were uploaded, after some obvious streams were seen in the sky, which produced fake clouds higher than the few natural ones floating below them. All in an attempt to block out the sun!! to make it cooler, or colder, each and every day. I am tired of seeing this shit happening. Why not leave the skies alone? Let the weather be normal, natural!!

Besides the chemtrails, I went to the Toronto Islands to meet up with my brother and his girlfriend. Besides a minor scuffle during the time before and during arrival, it all went perfectly well. I raced him on the bike he rented from point A to point B, end to end, even spotting a “trike boat” in one of the housing districts on lakeshore drive, a small laneway on the island. People living there are very creative to say the most. You wouldn’t expect to see bikes converted into boats. The frame was so obvious!!

Once the races were over, time to get a meal at the carousel cafe! What I ordered, was supposed to be lower in price and was in the wrong section of the menu. I let the manager know so they could make the necessary corrections for future reference to cross-check for any errors before printing. The meal was great regardless, ravioli, mushrooms and deep-fried green beans!

On the way home, I raced through the centerville theme park area like in the molson indy. I discovered a obscure “emergency only” path, which I took to the ferry docks, catching the boat just in time. It was quite a fun day, a great day. As soon as they got on the subway to union (was a 9 minute walk), I slowly made my way there to meet them. There is this cool game there, similar to kinect, I kicked ass with a score of 40, falling short of 100 the last time. I cleaned the camera sensor area, which had food squished on it. It wasn’t that hard, thanks to the empty paper bag and a pylon. I didn’t even waste any money on coffee, it was shared.

On the way home, two panhandlers were kicked out of the subway and I had a chat with the driver who know them very well. I even talked to the woman who was being used by the other panhandler. I need to tell her to keep the cash for herself next time, if she even listens. She’s also a pick-pocketer, better watch out!

I proceeded home along bay to college, to dovercourt to davenport to st. Clair to home. Was awesome.

Now victoria day, yes, I’ll be going to ashbridges bay… TOMORROW! Film and take photos of the fireworks, this time with the tripod and digital camera besides the camcorder. This is gonna rock the house!! 🙂

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed this long divided wall of text!! I kept it in sections for easier reading. PEACE!!

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My wordpress is My website!

Since I don’t have an actual website, I feel that this wordpress blog… Is my actual website. Now that you are all totally aware of this, things will be easier for you to find, read up on my blogs and… Not to forget my About page, which contains links to my other areas on the web! 😉

Peace for now!

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Typed up two letters, hand-delivered them and went on a major excursion throughout the northern part of Toronto!

So today all started when I left for Yonge and Sheppard to hand-deliver an envelope with three letters in it. The rain caught me when I got to bathurst and then let loose a FURY of MOTHERFUCKING RAGE!!! It then slowed, stopped and ended. I survived it. But my coat was drenched. I arrived 30 minutes earlier than I expected even though I took a few detours.

I met my brother in McDonalds, handed him the envelope, ate an egg mcmuffin and had a coffee, then left shortly after he did due to the A/C being on, which was chilling me the fuck out. I then got the half-damp coat on, helmet on, and away I went up Yonge to Finch, and turned east and went on until I got to the parklands. The coat was bone dry by the time I arrived.

From there, I headed north to bestview park. There was a small hill to climb to get to the park, but it wasn’t that hard. I enjoyed it, worked up a sweat. I then circled around and looped back to the exit which I had entered into the park from. I barreled down the hill like a locomotive out of control, sounding the bell 9 times in a fury to alert the person sitting down on the path to look out. I then headed towards the southern section of the east don river trail, exiting on Cummer. I headed east and proceeded to victoria park. I should have gone to warden, but it was okay.

I headed down south, turned east to pharmacy, which ended at the 401, so I went east to warden to avoid the big climb victoria park had to go over the 401. Warden was awesome, I didn’t have to climb such an overhead. I then came across the hydro field gautiner recreational trail, that went from victoria park to Kennedy station at Eglinton Ave East. I looped around and then headed back to victoria park along the trail from beginning to end, which felt more like a bikeway than anything I had ever ridden on.

As soon as I got to victoria park, there wasn’t a ramp to off-load into the road, so I dead-headed back to warden, and headed south. It was a smooth decline and incline all the way down south, which I enjoyed allot. I don’t remember how I got back to pharmacy, but once I did, I took it south to Danforth and headed a few blocks east to go south on victoria park until I got to garrard. Once I arrived, I headed west along it until Woodbine, turned south and took the lakeshore path, north side, until I got to Don Roadway.

I then got delayed, as I reported a few impeding pan-handlers who were risking getting hit by traffic as they walked in between moving vehicles asking for money. The cops took a while, almost forever to arrive. Once they did, two officers on bikes, I watched as they got ticketed. I mainly did that for their own safety in mind. The pan-handlers were very nice and weren’t causing trouble, but I would hate to see them getting hurt by raging motorists. One of them was surprised to know I waited around all that time, smiling at me in a cheerful mood. I guess he understood my point.

I then headed west to Parliament, then to longboat, then to the esplanade right until arriving at Yonge street. I then headed north until I got to bloor, headed west until two blocks west of Dufferin, took a one-way street to Wallace, then headed to the West Toronto Railpath, to arrive at Osler, then davenport, then under the bridge and homeward bound at runnymede.

Need I remind you, I was in a dilemma, fighting with myself on where the fuck I wanted to go and when to decide whether to do it or not. This happened at least 9 times, that and the sleeper magnet displacing itself, causing my blackberry to chime instead of vibrate. That was distracting!!! I figured to silence it and place it the other way, screen facing me, which put it on vibrate and kept the screen off, reducing the distraction again.

All in all, this excursion caused me to get evenly well-worn in, worn out by the time I arrived home with an aching back. I collapsed on the bed, passed out, for 45 minutes. I then woke up, ate a few snacks and then, dinner at 1:45am. I feel great, I haven’t had this much exercise since going to oshawa last year, which I intend to go this year, again, by bike, via the Waterfront Trail this time.

Okay, enough is long enough. Thank you for reading!!!! 😀 PEACE OUT!!!!

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Cyberbullying on the internet, Video sites… IT NEEDS TO BE STOPPED!!!

This is bad, real bad. Cyberbullying is such an issue, even more than what most would think, worse than most would think too, it affects everybody online and it can sometimes venture OFFLINE on purpose or by accident if the victim is lured to fight, or call the police because of it, but the hard part is, the police really cannot do anything about it.

That is what makes this hatred, harassment and stalking the worst. Nobody can even escape it without taking extreme measures, like white-washing their entire online identity, blocking everybody/all of the accounts used to harass them daily, change phone numbers or worse of all, commit suicide. That is what bothers me the most. It should NEVER come to that. People who drive victims of cyberbullying, for their own personal enjoyment, or “fun”, to extremes due to getting off from it, should be liable for the damages causes, be it physically, mentally and emotionally!

They should NOT get away with it. I am writing this blog post also for the exact reason that since 2008, I have been a victim of cyberbullying. Like me, people with disabilities are often found to be the easiest of targets, could easily be tricked and portrayed and mislead into thinking their friends are cyberbullies. This isn’t good. Those ones making all those spoof or impersonating accounts isn’t right. Why can’t they just do something else instead, like go out and make friends, find employment, do something right for a change?

If you, or anybody else has experienced cyberbullying, or bullying of any kind, STAND UP FOR YOURSELVES!!! Online, that is a different story, block them, all of them, the ones harassing you. Don’t even react, post a reply, or video reply/response either. File a privacy complaint if your personal information is shown in a video or anywhere, to get it removed, or change your phone number, but make sure your friends know it, your real friends.

Don’t make your address public, or even private, keep it to YOU, YOUR FAMILY, YOUR REAL FRIENDS who you SEE AND THOSE THAT COME TO SEE YOU! Facebook, set the privacy settings to custom, “only you” for your name, postal address, e-mail address and phone number. That way, it NEVER gets out, or leaked, when somebody adds you.

If anybody comes to your door to harass you, or at school, notify the authorities RIGHT AWAY. Don’t delay or put it off, make sure your parents are aware of it too, don’t make them wonder what is happening, make them understand, be open about it. For those who’s personal information, yes, that’s you, anybody who is under the legal age, or a minor, that is posted on a public website that I will NOT mention, it won’t be removed. You’ll have to make sure that the authorities are aware of it, same for your parents. DO THIS FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY.

Okay, enough of this, at least I finally vented this off my chest. Cyberbullying has to stop, the laws need to change, things need REFORM. Thank you for reading.

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Bike’s basket renewed, replaced, over 200 spammers BUSTED on identica, mothers day, etc.

Yup, I finally decided to replace the basket on the tricycle. It only costed a total of $13. $10 for the bin, $3 for the screws at the home depot. I then took it apart (was only tied on by one bungee cord), screwed the cookie sheet in place with the four screws and nuts (not wingnuts, luckily), with a bit of trouble getting them screwed in due to the lack of a proper sized wrench, but that didn’t stop me at all. Now, fully assembled, I then used the remaining hardware wire I originally had holding the mesh basket to it, to tie down and secure the clear storage bin. Now, I have a fully assembled basket to carry just about everything, which is supposed to last about two years before needing to be replaced due to damage, wear and tear, or rust.

It took a while to figure out the idea of it once I got to doing it. Removing the old basket took 15 minutes, including everything I added to it, even the reflectors. The lower old rusted screw holding the narrow smaller size stabiliser wasn’t easy, which resulted in breaking my screw driver’s slot tip (OH COME ON!!!!), I had to WD and then set the fucker on fire (yeah, just that one damn screw), then rapidly shoot freezing cold water at it to get any debris off it, which worked and loosened it. Once I got it off, I made sure to punch holes into the cookie sheet. Come today, I headed the Home Depot on St. Clair West and purchased the four screws, at $0.48/piece. I went to work, assembled it and now, FUCK YES, I don’t have to worry about it falling apart in those few coming months.

Side note, as soon as I took the old basket off, the bottom came completely off. Luckily I didn’t wait any longer. Damn rust and improper care before I bought the bike used. 30 years inside a damp shed is NOT what should be done!! Oh well, i’m very happy. 🙂

NOW… For the busting of the spammers. I discovered over 200 in total, linked to each other (followed back) on identica. I went to work silencing ALL of them, then posted a notice announcing it. That made me feel so good! Best of all, they were all dormant accounts! All waiting to be used again and again and again to post 500 times per second in order to flood the timelines. Now they’re all GONE. Looks like those motherFUCKERS aren’t going to be having a very good time at all making over 200 new ones, manually that is. Next time, i’ll screen record the silencing of them all and then show it to the team. Discovering large numbers of spam accounts isn’t easy you know! It’s rare for them to link hundreds. But hen that does occur, you know what must or has to be done!

Okay, i’m off to the pub to celebrate MOTHERS DAY by, you know, purchasing dinner for her, glasses of wine and tomorrow, buying her a bottle of wine. better than flowers, since they don’t last too long. Wine goes a very long way, since it’s not dranken allot at home. PEaCE OUT!!! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


The wait is finally over!!! The entire session, stories, secrets and lies included by the people who told them, is finally, FINALLY released, ahem, leaked to the public. Now, all YOU have to do is… Share it, encourage others to re-post it, re-blog it, re-share it, re-upload the video (after you download it, which is permitted, after all, it’s a creative commons licensed video!) to your channel, blog, hosting, anywhere. As long as there isn’t a length limit on videos, it’ll be fine. Hmm… Maybe I could join the Wikileaks club… lol Embeddings and more are below, I hope your attention span allows you to listen to it, all two hours and six minutes to be exact!! 😀

Link to the video, which contains a still image and the audio: http://www.viddler.com/v/d9186b1d

I have also embedded the video below:

Another embed for compatible browsers:
//www.viddler.com/player/d9186b1d/ <!–