WE ARE THE 99%!!

That’s right people, I will be at Nathan Phillips Square. I’ll be filming the entire movement that is Occupy Toronto. I won’t be filming the time in between speeches, rallying and the marches that occur, that is known as Space Time, I won’t want that in the video, as the length, battery life and space on the tape is very important to me. You wouldn’t like to see Slack in any video. You want to see ACTION.

So Action and Participation you will get! I stand by my word to make sure no video or film produced by me, will be boring. If it is, well, then maybe you shouldn’t have been watching it in the first place, MOVE ON SIR! lol

Wifi will be sparse, so I wouldn’t be able to livestream it. I’ll be filming, so that requires attention to be paid to the people and the activists, in the large or small numbers they’re going to be. I’m anticipating it to be in the thousands! but if it isn’t, any large number over 100-500 will do. I am ever so glad the Toronto Police aren’t as bad as the ones in New York City or a few other states in the United States of America who like to incite violence in order to beat the heck out of peaceful protesters, which I think is PLAIN EVIL!!

Besides that, I’ll be there, to catch it all, for your viewing pleasure. And hey, maybe we’ll bump into each other, whoever and wherever you might be in the area. I’ll be happy to capture your opinions and freedom of speech/opinion/thoughts on video for the world to watch.

Peace OUT!! 🙂

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