Finally got the safety cone from craigslist! (deeply trimmed, customized too!)

Okay, so the photo is of the cone I purchased for a smack of a great deal! I then customized it with permanent marker, because I didn’t have any paint to use. What I did was remove the bottom weight for maximum light weight, then cut the top so the area where I either talk, shout or yell into wouldn’t be so constricted.

Big mistake, I should have left the weight on, because now it won’t stand up! But all in all, it was worth the price. Now I have a megaphone that doesn’t require batteries, I won’t have to recharge it either! XD. The only drawbacks, it wasn’t a solid resin or vinyl, it’s one of those floppy ones. But all in all, I am satisfied and pleased with the find. No more bottomless wendy’s cup!

As you were wondering why I bought it, well, it’s quite obvious… For protests, rallies and demonstrations. So now you know. Thanks for taking the time to read up on this! DO SHARE

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