WordPressing while streaming live on blogtv, at my brothers place out north west…

Yeah, so I’m currently at my brothers house, watching him play the latest rendition/release of donkey kong on the NES WII. I could never call it the nintendo wii, NES wii is more appropriate, since it can play the old games. So why not? He’s too busy to pay any attention to anybody, so I’m on blogtv during that time.

We originally came up to do stitching for his girlfriend, but I guess that is going to be delayed. I’ll probably be leaving very late, as that is almost always the result of this. I stopped blogtv due to nobody being on there and because of boredom. But regardless, I might shoot it back up.

One thing my brother said to me which really sounded quite stupid, was that they don’t sell SNES, NES, N64 and Game Cube games in store anymore. Not even online. Ha, they still do. I did an ebay, craigslist and kijiji search, guess what? Thousands of results. Wrong again, bro.

He also said “everything costs money”. Really? So does walking, riding a bike, eating and talking to other people cost money? Using the internet? Wrong again, that is plane IGNORANT. Maybe somebody should talk some sense into him. There are more “free” things than he thinks. He just needs to lighten up more.

That aside, we’re likely going to be heading to mcdonalds at finch. That is going to drag late into the night. I didn’t even have coffee when I got to my brothers, just orange juice. Dinner is served, chicken and rice… YUM!!!!

Then came the talk of getting so drunk I couldn’t walk. Ha, that will not happen to me. More talk about that and the fact that he thinks I cannot ride in a straight line on the bike. Well well well, I can, I always have. I still have the sense to drive carefully, sober or drunk, even if disoriented.

Then he started an argument with his girlfriend until she bitch-slapped him a few times. He keeps persisting and all I have to do is just think… Give her a break or you’ll get it from her and it won’t be enjoyable! lol

I guess all can be done with this blog entry for the night. It’s quiet now, we might or not, go to mcdonalds. Time will tell, moods will change, things might turn around and head straight to bed.

Laters. Don’t forget to share this blog post!! 🙂

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