At the conference!

So today I’m at the weston bristol place hotel, attending a conference for the chance to win a tablet pc with the first 50 people who attend. I’ll also be recording the entire thing on the playbook tablet, or my blackberry, in audio of course. So this way, I don’t get into potential trouble or be kicked out for piracy. I laugh at the word “piracy”. It means nothing. It’s often overhyped. Free speech isn’t piracy. Recording a speech isn’t either. Talking isn’t IP or copyrighted. So fuck that!

I hope the family member that I invited does arrive, also the fact that (dammit) I misplaced the tickets. That ain’t good. I’ll have to verify my information there with them so I could possibly get in, if I can’t, oh well, I fucked the chance up. It’s easy to misplace things, especially if you don’t keep everything in the same envelope. I’ll feel quite stupid knowing I did make a mistake.

Weather is chilley or semi-cold, not bad, I’m in a thin shirt right now outside with a wooley hat on, just to keep the ears and head of mine warm and so it doesn’t cause me a big headache. Finally the guest arrives, we fill out two quick slips and head inside. Let the recording begin!!


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