The wait is finally over!!! The entire session, stories, secrets and lies included by the people who told them, is finally, FINALLY released, ahem, leaked to the public. Now, all YOU have to do is… Share it, encourage others to re-post it, re-blog it, re-share it, re-upload the video (after you download it, which is permitted, after all, it’s a creative commons licensed video!) to your channel, blog, hosting, anywhere. As long as there isn’t a length limit on videos, it’ll be fine. Hmm… Maybe I could join the Wikileaks club… lol Embeddings and more are below, I hope your attention span allows you to listen to it, all two hours and six minutes to be exact!! 😀

Link to the video, which contains a still image and the audio:

I have also embedded the video below:

Another embed for compatible browsers:
// <!–


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