Cyberbullying on the internet, Video sites… IT NEEDS TO BE STOPPED!!!

This is bad, real bad. Cyberbullying is such an issue, even more than what most would think, worse than most would think too, it affects everybody online and it can sometimes venture OFFLINE on purpose or by accident if the victim is lured to fight, or call the police because of it, but the hard part is, the police really cannot do anything about it.

That is what makes this hatred, harassment and stalking the worst. Nobody can even escape it without taking extreme measures, like white-washing their entire online identity, blocking everybody/all of the accounts used to harass them daily, change phone numbers or worse of all, commit suicide. That is what bothers me the most. It should NEVER come to that. People who drive victims of cyberbullying, for their own personal enjoyment, or “fun”, to extremes due to getting off from it, should be liable for the damages causes, be it physically, mentally and emotionally!

They should NOT get away with it. I am writing this blog post also for the exact reason that since 2008, I have been a victim of cyberbullying. Like me, people with disabilities are often found to be the easiest of targets, could easily be tricked and portrayed and mislead into thinking their friends are cyberbullies. This isn’t good. Those ones making all those spoof or impersonating accounts isn’t right. Why can’t they just do something else instead, like go out and make friends, find employment, do something right for a change?

If you, or anybody else has experienced cyberbullying, or bullying of any kind, STAND UP FOR YOURSELVES!!! Online, that is a different story, block them, all of them, the ones harassing you. Don’t even react, post a reply, or video reply/response either. File a privacy complaint if your personal information is shown in a video or anywhere, to get it removed, or change your phone number, but make sure your friends know it, your real friends.

Don’t make your address public, or even private, keep it to YOU, YOUR FAMILY, YOUR REAL FRIENDS who you SEE AND THOSE THAT COME TO SEE YOU! Facebook, set the privacy settings to custom, “only you” for your name, postal address, e-mail address and phone number. That way, it NEVER gets out, or leaked, when somebody adds you.

If anybody comes to your door to harass you, or at school, notify the authorities RIGHT AWAY. Don’t delay or put it off, make sure your parents are aware of it too, don’t make them wonder what is happening, make them understand, be open about it. For those who’s personal information, yes, that’s you, anybody who is under the legal age, or a minor, that is posted on a public website that I will NOT mention, it won’t be removed. You’ll have to make sure that the authorities are aware of it, same for your parents. DO THIS FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY.

Okay, enough of this, at least I finally vented this off my chest. Cyberbullying has to stop, the laws need to change, things need REFORM. Thank you for reading.

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