Chemtrails, Toronto Islands and Victoria day!

So yesterday and today was a little different. Two videos of #chemtrails were uploaded, after some obvious streams were seen in the sky, which produced fake clouds higher than the few natural ones floating below them. All in an attempt to block out the sun!! to make it cooler, or colder, each and every day. I am tired of seeing this shit happening. Why not leave the skies alone? Let the weather be normal, natural!!

Besides the chemtrails, I went to the Toronto Islands to meet up with my brother and his girlfriend. Besides a minor scuffle during the time before and during arrival, it all went perfectly well. I raced him on the bike he rented from point A to point B, end to end, even spotting a “trike boat” in one of the housing districts on lakeshore drive, a small laneway on the island. People living there are very creative to say the most. You wouldn’t expect to see bikes converted into boats. The frame was so obvious!!

Once the races were over, time to get a meal at the carousel cafe! What I ordered, was supposed to be lower in price and was in the wrong section of the menu. I let the manager know so they could make the necessary corrections for future reference to cross-check for any errors before printing. The meal was great regardless, ravioli, mushrooms and deep-fried green beans!

On the way home, I raced through the centerville theme park area like in the molson indy. I discovered a obscure “emergency only” path, which I took to the ferry docks, catching the boat just in time. It was quite a fun day, a great day. As soon as they got on the subway to union (was a 9 minute walk), I slowly made my way there to meet them. There is this cool game there, similar to kinect, I kicked ass with a score of 40, falling short of 100 the last time. I cleaned the camera sensor area, which had food squished on it. It wasn’t that hard, thanks to the empty paper bag and a pylon. I didn’t even waste any money on coffee, it was shared.

On the way home, two panhandlers were kicked out of the subway and I had a chat with the driver who know them very well. I even talked to the woman who was being used by the other panhandler. I need to tell her to keep the cash for herself next time, if she even listens. She’s also a pick-pocketer, better watch out!

I proceeded home along bay to college, to dovercourt to davenport to st. Clair to home. Was awesome.

Now victoria day, yes, I’ll be going to ashbridges bay… TOMORROW! Film and take photos of the fireworks, this time with the tripod and digital camera besides the camcorder. This is gonna rock the house!! 🙂

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed this long divided wall of text!! I kept it in sections for easier reading. PEACE!!

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