Out the entire day!

So the day started with a different plan instead of originally going to the spadina and college markets, we went to starbucks, not the one at beresford, but the one at college and beverley. It took quite a bit of slow coasting along beside the family member while we made our way there. I got screwed up and confused twice when my location awareness went haywire, going east towards Bay street instead of Beverley.

Had to turn right around and head west instead. Eventually we got there after walking/coasting for an hour. I ordered a frappacino and they got a double expresso long. It lasted until 8pm, when we headed to the lebanon restaurant a block away. It was amazing, the steak and cheese sandwich I ordered. A great deal for $5.99. Much better than I had before.

After eating that, I raced the family member right to the starbucks at beresford and before going in, waited in the parkette for my brother. He got there very late, by that time,starbucks was closed. Bummer. I wasn’t intending to have coffee, just another frappacino. Laying off the caffeine isn’t easy. My brother made the choice to head over to mcdonalds.

I then requested a cup, and filled it with soda, then sprite, and enjoyed it, sipped it slowly, until we had to go. I was so happy to have a cool beverage and to have his non-angered, unirritated, cheerful company. I was satisfied and we all had a great time.

On the way out, he nagged me about riding on the sidewalk after I was given the rest of the coffee by a family member to finish. I wasn’t going to chug it, then feel like shit, only to throw it back up. No way in my good day was I wanting to endure that!! I stopped and stayed in one spot to finish it slowly, and then headed along Bloor to get home.

Now I’m home, a bit sleepless due to the coffee and heated oven-like weather. I feel good, I hope I could sleep. I really do. Because I have a big day ahead of me tomorrow. I was supposed to drop by two stores, but missed them.

Oh well, can’t turn back time or travel that way until the technology is existing. Peace out, have a good time and thank you for reading! Feel free to share this on your blog, in a video, link to this anywhere and like this too!


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