Tuckers Marketplace, Boston Pizza, Mcdonalds after Roncy’s Bean!

Ahh, the nice summer weather, what not to do on a hot summer day? Celebrate a birthday of course! I went to tucker’s marketplace to have my mother’s 63rd birthday! It was calm, peaceful and enjoyable. We didn’t rush it, I ate my fill, gathered up energy and everything else I could do at a buffet. Don’t forget, I biked all the way there and back via weston, st. phillips road and dixon. Forget scarlett road, that is all potholes and a big hill.

Then comes boston pizza. We left a bit late, the other family member got lost (went east instead of west!) on front street, which further delayed everything until I met up with her at 2 blocks east of the CBC building.

We then went into the restaurant and ordered two rounds of nachos and a pitcher of beer, followed by a fishbowl of hard mixed drinks, followed by shots of B52’s. I got buzzed, my brother did, but having no sleep on his behalf didn’t make things any better.

Thing is, he doesn’t seem to know how to handle his drinks, as such, he tends to slap people or get irresponsible aggressive. I had to ignore and avoid him for that, because if he had got arrested, oh man, he would be in so much shit.

That aside, we went to the King and Dufferin mcdonalds to freshen up with a large coffee. After which once that was nearly done, my brother starts lying about Roncesvalles not having bike lanes. WRONG!! They have them alright. Cannot deny what already exists, since he hasn’t been down in that area since the construction was finished. He’ll realize soon enough once he sees it.

We ended up getting home at 5:00am, my brother at 5:30am. I went to sleep right afterwards due to heavy exhaustion and the caffeine wearing off. What a brilliantly great night it was!! My brother owes me $115.00 now, he has to pay up soon… Or else!

Ahh, now finally, a day where there wasn’t too much excitement. I got the wrong time for the Roncy Rocks event on Roncesvalles, which ended at 6:30pm, not at 8:30pm. Typo on the website? I’m afraid so. They’ve got to make sure that doesn’t happen again. Instead of seeing musicians and arts, we went to the Roncy’s Bean, a great coffee shop, to have an espresso and italian soda!

That went well! But I’ll remember not to mix heavy amounts of nutmeg, cinnamon and cocca together, which settled at the bottom and fused, making a slimy eggwhite-like mixture. It was a damn DARE to swallow it all. It took three tries and it went down eventually. Telling you, I never felt like gagging so damn hard!! :@

Okay, enough of that. Don’t want to make you toss up your snack or food, or tea/beverage not named or whatever it is you’re having right now.

After which I went to the mcdonalds at walmart to meet my brother, who THEN wanted to go to the mcdonalds, not at keele and st.clair, but the one at dufferin and dupont. I beat them there, zoomed around the plaza until they arrived, locked up and went in to grab a snackwrap and a few soda’s, that being Rootbeer. After which we left and I headed home, arriving before anybody else did yet again.

Ahh, a well spent weekend, better than nothing at all!!

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