My thoughts on Harassment and Stalking by Mr. Dean Roger Ray on YouTube

Okay, this is my take on his mentally insane actions, hmm, where should I start?

Well, he takes the internet way too seriously, which in turn attracts many, many trolls and haters. He just doesn’t stop harassing them and then in turn, if they give up, and block or ignore him, he doesn’t stop, because he has eight sock accounts, or more. He keeps bothering the trolls or haters, until they start attacking him by making a post elsewhere on the internet, be it the chans, imageboards, forums, etc. out of anger or frustration, or for plain entertainment.

I’ll list them here, the sock accounts he uses: imbackteslacoils2001, teslacoils2001, MrDEANROGERRAY, AGENTZED22, Teslabrotherhood7, Teslabrotherhood8, Montyfesto, MrMontygraph.

So as for my experience, since I support Anonymous and their various movements and activism (occupy, chanology, etc) and being a scientology critic, he started accusing me of running 4chan, encyclopedia dramatica,, and wait for it… being the leader of anonymous! Now how stupid is that?! We know anonymous has no leader and that I don’t run their websites, right? Okay, at least that is corrected now.

What he claims, about anonymous: Being NWO promoters, communist terrorists, cyber terrorists. The fuck? The New World Order is already happening. Communist? Are you out of your mind? That is in RUSSIA and last I heard, it’s been abolished since 1995. Get up to date on your facts.

Okay, last but not least, using all of your sock or “ghost” accounts to send people videos you made about them, that shows proof that you are the troll, the gang stalker and you don’t have anything better to do. Also, you cannot backup your claims of me, or anybody else, running sock account channels if they are similar/same as my commenting or the way I type out my comments. Do they have tons of videos that I made? No. If I ran a bunch of channels, they WOULD have tons of videos on them, themed to that channel, relating to that channel.

So get a life and stop harassing people, stop stalking people. It’s for the better of you dean. I won’t want to see some REAL psycho harm you or your family, but if you keep on with the accusations, that is what’s going to happen.

I guess that ends this post.

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8 thoughts on “My thoughts on Harassment and Stalking by Mr. Dean Roger Ray on YouTube

  1. oh interesting , hi brian hope you well, this guys not intelligent enough to support the name of tesla`s work or even understand its importance, Ive had him post me stuff, lol, i don’t even use you tube much at all ,he reconed he should educate me on how the worlds running, not a good idea, definetly barking up the wrong tree there,as there are things i know i would be killed for if i was in the military. gladly im not patriotic or brainwashed enough to do that


    • I laughed all of his threats off as hot air. How can he rally and use “anonymous trolls” to attack me? They won’t listen, since I educated a few of them to then ignore him.
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        Perhaps you should read all the comments ASAP before they go “POOF”

        Here are just a few

        yeah I found dox for rooties brother sean which is also important….
        AMOSthestalker in reply to Abbey Smith (Show the comment) 14 hours ago

        People have tried to get him kicked out of 196 Woolner for YEARS. I honestly don’t know how you could be the one to pull it off, but you’d be a legend if you did…
        Abbey Smith in reply to AMOSthestalker (Show the comment) 15 hours ago

        hey do you think oemrootbrian was hit hard enough or should I actually get some really nasty people involved see if he dissapears? Anonymous has made a lot of enemies.
        AMOSthestalker in reply to Abbey Smith (Show the comment) 15 hours ago

        Worth a shot I guess. But Rootie is like a cockroach. I don’t think anything you can do will make him go away.
        Abbey Smith in reply to AMOSthestalker (Show the comment) 15 hours ago


      • I just called this number and the kid played dumb but he sure sounded like you. I suggested that te dude who answered look up his number on the web and contact the cops like I just did.


  2. Dean Roger Ray is no threat to anyone. I’d like to see him continue to fail in going after Rootie though. It’s fun watching Root totally pwn someone as he’s kinda like the ultimate underdog. Very cute 🙂

    That guy Amos is a different story though. You might wanna avoid him since he’s been known to make false allegations to the RCMP when he can’t intimidate someone with his words.


    • I love it when I pwn dean. That S-O-B has flagged my videos, or got someone else to do it, showing he can’t take it. Oh well. I’m not concerned. If he bothers me, he gets owned again and again. 😉


      • Oh hey Rootie. Wanna do me a favor? Take a look at her and give your opinion if you don’t mind: I know you already have a g/f and all but I was just wondering what you thought of this one. kk?


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