Pest control, donations, dead weed burning and cleaning the place up even more!

Ahh, the wordpress app, such an awesome invention for the blackberry and other smartphone platform user. Well, besides that, the pest control was in to clean the place out of all the roaches that did invade the place. A heavy cleaning for a heavy infestation. 95% of them are all DEAD.

There is still a bunch running around, but they’re going to be squashed one by one. As I was writing this line, I crushed 3, tossed a few outside. I also burned up a bunch of dead weeds, since they were the spiny type. Who would want a seed with spikes on it, razer sharp ones, stuck to their ass? I sure wouldn’t. And then to sit down and jump right back up like “WHAT THE FUCK?!?!???!!!??!!!” No, I didn’t think so.

They did make a fantastic snap, pop, crackle sound as the stiff wood burned down into embers, then ashes. They’ll all be dumped into the garden later on. The good part, no more weeds. The other thing, it smelled so good.

Donations, hell yeah!! There is a few boxes of plastics and glassware, including utensils to be carted off to the nearest donations dropoff location. Including some curtains and shit I don’t need anymore. Let somebody else take it, amirite? šŸ™‚

Besides that, the lockers are getting more stuff put into them within a few days, following the donations. I’ll be glad to get it all packed in. Soon, that’ll be gone through and disposed of before we finally move further south-east.

Oh shit, the bananas I bought, THEY BE CRAWLIN’ WITH MAGGOTS!!! I had to dispose all 3 dozen. I feel so… Bad. Okay, that was very irresponsible of me to waste food like that! I’ll NEVER EVER do that again!! Next time, I’ll eat those damn things within two weeks. I don’t need to see anything get wasted, except me every second or third weekend. šŸ˜‰

Ahh, the AAA sized battery is done. 7 hours on the charger, at 700 mAh being it’s capacity. It’s an alkaline, it was recharged over 50 times before. No leaks, no shorts, no reverse-polarity either. It’s now being drained on the LED lamp, a one bulb unit with a step-up circuit. It lasted about 36 hours the last time I fully drained a NiMH cell.

Okay, enough of this, time for me to enjoy a tea!! Peace! Thanks for taking the time to read this, hit the Like and Share buttons to spread this post around! šŸ™‚


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