When your girlfriend turns possessive and controlling, something is wrong, and you can’t do much when staying overnight either!

Well well well, the day and overnight time spent at my girlfriend’s place wasn’t as enjoyable as what I thought it was going to be. Since her parents were at the cottage, she thought it was okay to be controlling, possessive and downright, a bitch. She basically treated me like some person who would tell her what to do with her parents house, she wouldn’t even let me help out with anything, except constantly move furniture. She does this ALL the time. JUST LEAVE IT IN ONE SPOT!! She said I had to “change a great deal” if I wanted to be in a relationship with her. HELL NO. You DO NOT force somebody to change, or treat them like a complete stranger, or show any signs of disrespect to them either. On top of that, she made me walk through the back yard and wouldn’t allow me to come into the house on the way out, because of the shit in the back yard, yes, dog shit she refused to pick up, that I carefully avoided stepping in.

She also, as I noticed and tried to talk her out of it, threw most of her parents kitchen utensils and cookware out into the garbage. Next time I do see her, I’ll make sure to clue her parents in. That wasn’t right. Would you throw your parents good cookware or utensils in the garbage behind their back, because you thought it was junk or garbage? I certainly wouldn’t.

I was so damn glad to get home. Heck, I wonder, where the hell did the brittany I once knew go? What happened to the kindness and respect? Where did the lovable woman go to? Why and how did she change to be such… Disrespectful and mistreating?

She still classifies me as just a friend and all, I couldn’t give a fuck. She shouldn’t disrespect anybody. She shouldn’t control people in her own home. I even asked, since she had a small keyboard (from a garage sale, nice small synthesizer, 1 ft. X 3 inches x 1 inch thick), she immediately said I’m not going to mess with or break it. What? Why would I try and/or break an instrument I ABSOLUTELY LOVE playing? I wonder what her parents would think. Heck, if they were there, she wouldn’t say that, she wouldn’t be treating me like that, or anybody else. NO WONDER she dumped the last few boyfriends she tried to “control” that met her, or that she met. She still hasn’t had sex, so heh, #fuckit.

She needs to realize, that she cannot run someone’s life, she cannot forcibly change someone to obey her, or treat anybody like a kid or stranger that she knows. What shocked me the most, when buttering my bagel she offered for breakfast, there was a big lump of butter on the plate. I basically said “I sure wouldn’t want to put it back in the container” and she said “NO! YOU WILL NOT PUT IT BACK IN THE CONTAINER!”, like what the fuck? I never even SAID “put it back into the container”. She told me to “learn to use my brain”. Oh please.

I finally convinced her to ride the bike she has, got her to buy lights, a bell, she also got a horn and two sets of AA batteries, which she’ll likely throw out. Such a shame. She also rides on the sidewalk, she DOESN’T like riding on the road either, something I do allot. She also was quite random at telling me to go this way/that way without actually pointing. She also kept telling me to stop right in front of traffic. Next time, she needs to stop at the corner, not in the middle of the road.

Sorry about this random post, actually, I’m so FUCKING GLAD I got it out. She needs to learn allot. Her parents would love to hear everything she said and how she mistreated me, if I had only recorded it all. God blasted rocket into a mountain dammit. Oh and on the way back to Toronto, it rained, it was soooo damn refreshing!! 🙂

Thanks for reading.


3 thoughts on “When your girlfriend turns possessive and controlling, something is wrong, and you can’t do much when staying overnight either!

  1. I’m sorry about your girlfriend. This behaivior may have been a lot of things. Hormones, stress, a bad day or week. Give her a chance to redeem if she asks, though if she continues this or this isn’t the first time she’s acted like you may need to break it off or take a break.


      • @realityexplorations Men can have these same reasons for behaivor like that too. Not just women. But I’m just telling Brian that if his GF contiues this behaivor, especially after confrontation then he really should break up because she will just continue this, and it will just be miserable. Some women and men are just like that, and if you don’t want to be in that sorta relationship (some people like being controlled) the you shouldn’t make any commitments.


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