These tags can help with your video blogs – take my advice, or leave it.

The following tags, which I have found to be quite useful in most video blogs, or random videos, basically these are the same for what youtube uses for mobile uploads, webcam captures and all the like. Either you can use them, or avoid them, but whatever.

So here are the tags in no particular order (the zero’s are actually dates which videos are sometimes/mostly named on mobile devices, others use VID_0000000):

mobile video upload phone videos vid new capture recording recorded post posting entry webcam web cam cap avi mp4 “webcam video” “webcam recording” “webcam video on” “webcam video from” “recorded video” “recorded webcam” “video recording” “recorded video” blog blogging blogs blogger bloggity vlog vlogs vlogging vlogger vloggity vloggie vlogy vlogity vloggy vlogy “webcam blog” vids vidyo “video blog” “video blogging” “video blogs” “video bloggity” “video bloggie” “video bloggy” “video blogy” “video blogity” blogu blogo bloggie “random video” random randomness youtube you tube direct phone HD HQ VGA 3gp mkv

Okay, that’s all the tags. Anything with 000000, 0000000 and 00000000 are date formats. You could also date it in the title, which is more important. Thanks for taking this advice, if you so wish to use it. This won’t work on all your videos, so be relevant and don’t act spammy!


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