Spadina and college twice in a row, 32GB microSDHD, GoJo and two extended batteries, including a red jellybean scented blackberry bold 9900 hard clear gel case for $0.99

So I’m writing this entry from spadina and college, from within the burger king, sipping a soda and enjoying the Air conditioning. I went to this location yesterday and today, once missing the chinese market, today making it just in the nick of time. I also picked up a 32GB microSDHC memory card for the blackberry I’m writing this from. I kept running out of storage and needed a peace of mind. Now I’ll be not worrying of having to dump it to a hard disk, or other media.

Prior to this, I went to the Dufferin Mall to pickup a GoJo, that as-seen-on-TV product I never seen before, but heard about it on only. So I thought, why not? I could use it for other means, like recording video to the side of me, without most being aware of what’s going on… 😀 ..also there was a bunch of blackberry cases on clearance, so I picked up a jellybean scented one. I’ll be grabbing another, as to have a backup once I cut the older one’s backing out for the extended battery door to fit and be exposed, without having to go caseless. I want to be able to remove it without taking the case off, if you know what I mean.

Meanwhile, besides that, I finally, FINALLY got the replacement extended batteries, weeks from each other. Talk about buy one, get one free. Now these don’t require the decoder, but that doesn’t mean I’m scrapping it. I’ll keep it as backup just in case it is required. Now I’ll be not needing it to decode them. I’m pleased. I only spent $10.50 for both batteries, being 3500 mAh. I don’t have to worry about finding a plug and it makes me feel more assured.

I think that’s about all I need to write about. Thanks for taking the time to read this and… Don’t forget to share, like and spread this around! ((((PEACE!!))))

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