Digital Camera Dilemma: Canon Powershot SX150 IS or SX500 IS, that is the question…

Since I bought the Canon PowerShot SX150, I’m getting to know it and exploring all of it’s options. I’m basically looking for much much more within a camera. I need the good lens, but can’t afford a DSLR at all due to the price. I already have the charger and battery, NB-6L, from a previous camera that got damaged and wouldn’t want to just donate it, because the PowerShot SX500 takes it. Now that one has a whopping zoom of 30x!! That’s up to par with my MiniDV camcorder.

Hmm, the price after tax will come to $400. That is a whopper. A DSLR comes to over $750 including lenses and all that. I’m just looking for a professional-grade digital camera for those seriously great moments I need to capture when the olympus x42 won’t do. Supermacro for example, the olympus is excellent for it. Same for nightshots. The canon needs to be able to beat that. I am impressed by the SX150’s 15 second shutter speed for low light and cool captures. Heck, with that shutter speed, you could easily take paranormal pictures!

I still have 29 days as of this post’s writing, to return the camera. Zellers is closing by March, so I wouldn’t be able to get it there at all. Walmart, or elsewhere, within a few weeks, I’ll be able to check the price to see how much I’ll need to save up. I checked the price at canon’s website and it’s $389.99, basically $390 if rounded. Big ticket, yes, but that is basically the only one that’ll take the battery pack I have. It’ll be a while before I get used to that thing. Such an amazingly powerful camera. I’m going to keep taking supermacro shots with both and then, finally decide which one is worth it. Olympus is 12MP. This one is 14MP. The one I’m looking for is 16MP. But will it really matter with the MP’s? I don’t care. I just need something that has an amazing lens.

Thanks for reading, hope I gave you some inspiration. 😀
Feel free to share this, “like” it, e-mail it, link it everywhere! Mewen, if you’re reading this, even whatever the fuck happened, what camera would you get? I’m curious. Same for all of you, trolls, or not.


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