Bought a domain, just waiting for it to be activated and all that mumbo-jumbo…

Okay, I bought a domain on sunday and I’m basically just waiting for the activation to take place, I’m hoping it doesn’t take WEEKS like what some were experiencing and at the same time, impatient and trash talking the company offering them. So I basically will wait until it’s active and I’m billed. I registered it privately so my information won’t be publicly visible on the web.

So while I wait UP TO 4 days, I’ll write this blog post. No, it’s not going to be four days long, but long enough to keep me from being fucking bored. Once it’s activated/active, I don’t know what the hell I’m going to use it for. Redirect it here? To my video channel? To my twitter, identica? Or my dailymotion? Who knows. Or I might make a website with the help of some people I know and can trust.

But until I get that all done and planned well ahead, it’ll be a redirect to what I use most. Has anybody used a domain before or ever had a personal website? I don’t know if I might move my wordpress to the domain entirely, if it’s even possible or will be feasible.

I’ll just have to think about what I might also use it for in the future, as plans and visions change over time. Will it be for a store? Hosting videos? Forums? WordPress? Something entirely different? Embedding shit on? I don’t have a clue right now. No programming/coding/hacking knowledge either.

Whatever it’s used for, it’ll probably be for the best of the best. But until then, who knows. It’s 4:22pm right now, I ordered it at 2am this morning. So that’s quite a long time to wait before it gets activated. Then, oh the joy will expand, I’ll get superbly excited and then calm the fuck down in order to contain myself, and get to work. HTML/HTML5 shouldn’t be THAT hard to learn for someone with multiple disabilities. 🙂

Well, thanks for taking the time to read this short but brief paragraphed post.


Feel free to share, like, e-mail and blog about my wordpress, send it to your friends, subscribe via e-mail and/or RSS feeds. They’re ALL available for your using pleasure!!


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