A very exciting announcement!! – The (re)launch of Rootbrian.com!

Fresh off the internet is my new website, which I setup using a basic template provided by the hosting company I registered it with. The great thing: it’s live. The more exhausting thing: Typing all of the individual summaries for each link, correcting typos and URLs, adjusting stubborn formatting, then making a custom logo, background (which, after changing templates a few times, is now squashed) and then marking each large change, as published.

I am mentally exhausted right now for all of the typing, attention and comprehension. My eyes are sore, neck is a bit stiff and a few times, I had to step away from the computer. But now that it’s all setup and live, I STILL have changes to make. I’m going to come up with a large logo, instead of the small one and then… Ensure it works best. The problem is, the site isn’t mobile-friendly. I can’t find a damn template that is. WHY? This bugs the fuck out of me.

Maybe it’s something else I’m missing? Is it supposed to be a website frontpage only? Do I have to subscribe to a better package? I don’t know. I just need to get this figured out. Embedding and all that, I’ll need to definitely upgrade the package for the “insert my own code” feature to work properly. I hope it doesn’t cost a fortune. Right now, I’m paying $11 yearly. That’ll add to $15 yearly if I decide to add it on.

I’m hoping I can completely have some help in the future from friends, to design a good page, which DOESN’T use the templates, so I can upload my own index.htm/index.html file and all subfolders to the webspace and then… That’ll be the website of my dreams!!

But until then, go ahead, check it out and spread the word!

Main Page – This is rootbrian… Welcome to my domain and enjoy your stay!

I’ll be making changes a few times a month until I’m certain things are finalized and following MY choices instead of a lame template.


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