Global Warming? It FEELS more like Global COOLING to me!

Ahh, yet another blog post from me. Say, when was the last time? Oh yeah, since that leak. Carrying on, here are my thoughts on global warming, *cough* global cooling, as I have been observing it for a long long time….

Okay, when was the last time we had a lasting, warm spring where everything thawed out and it rained mostly in april? It’s been so long that I lost track. Same for a summer we almost NEVER HAD last/few year(s) ago, that lasted for two months or less. Yeah, you probably can remember that. I know you can! I live in toronto canada, not afraid to say that either. Also proud of the city I live in.

But I am sick of this weather modification that’s been happening for months on end. Spring starts in around march/april and ends in may or june depending. No such stupid groundhog is going to tell anybody anything either. Leave that poor thing alone and out of it too. We get more cold than we get hot. There’s also this thing called spinning out of orbit that I’m starting to notice quite a bit. If we are spinning further away from the sun, that could show something not so nice or good to think about or notice.

Say we did spin out of orbit by a few hundred kilometers. It would explain for how cold it got those few winters, spring and summers. What about those hotter than expected summers? We got a bit TOO close to the sun? Hmm, that’s quite a possibility too. A near collision with venus might also be a wake up call, if we EVER get that close anyways. It could also be solar flares happening too, or the weakening of the ozone layers… Think about it for a few minutes… Doesn’t it seem all to… Sketchy or strange, or uncertain? Possibly.

Anyways, if we don’t get a warm or hot summer, or even a spring for that matter, you will know what is actually happening. HAARP could also be in/directly involved with all of this too. Steering hurricanes towards cities or places where they never occur is also a possibility just to cause mass-panick. Then the media makes brainwashing, propaganda to further instill FEAR into the masses. What? Is the government going to try and silence me since I have caught on to what big media is doing all along? They better not. I certainly will NOT SHUT THE FUCK UP either. They would have to PRY this blackberry out of my cold, white, frozen pink hands before they could EVER stop me.

Besides, it doesn’t take much to figure out things, regardless of how old, mature, smart or educated somebody is. I have a disability, a mental one, but that doesn’t make me dumb one bit. I figure shit out, but I keep it in the tunnel until it needs to be released to the internet for people’s reading/listening. I might even link an audio blog version for those that are completely blind, all done in text to speech that is, so they can still know what the heck I’m even writing about on here.

Alright, I have written, erm, typed enough now. I should be getting to bed. Big day tomorrow, a busy one. Feel free to share, “like” and e-mail/link this blog entry. Who knows? Maybe somebody will be woken up!! 🙂 Knowledge is free, information is free, thinking is free too! Don’t let ANYBODY tell you otherwise…

**peace out**

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One thought on “Global Warming? It FEELS more like Global COOLING to me!

  1. Omg I know. It was perfect last year. Now it’s the middle of may and im in my bedroom with gloves and a coat on. 31 degrees tonight… again. What the hell? I wouldn’t be surprised of it drops to the 40s in July. Seriously… crank up the heat I wanna walk around without all these winter clothes. I had just packed them away last month now I’m wearing them again. This is a mess. 😦 also remember all the fucking snow this winter. Almost killed me.


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