YouTube removes the ability to reply to comments on their mobile site

The video I made exposing it all

Shame on google for removing that one feature that enables youtube partners, small, big and regular vloggers to interact with the community and their subscribers: replying to comments on the mobile site. Epic fucking shame on google!!! I can’t believe they would do this on the start of may!! Like really??!!?? Do they not give a fuck about us partners? Or big/small channel operators? Like give us a break already.

I’m quite pissed over this and it’s irresponsible to do such a thing. You basically are BACKTRACKING to the point where it renders you to fucking use a god damn computer or the desktop site on a mobile device, which is STILL complex and slow to today’s standards. WHEN are you going to re-enable it? Next month? Within 3, 6 or 9 months? Next year? Never? Who knows… I just want to know when!!

It takes so much effort to make a video (for some it’s like nothing) for me, since the topics aren’t easy to come by and I don’t wanna parody people. I do pop the occasional zit and those generate allot of attention, something I admire. But when I need to check and possibly reply to comments, I cannot because that feature is no longer functioning or available. I already submitted feedback to google and they likely, like they do all the time, IGNORED IT. That pisses me off so much, in fact, it disappoints me to a great extent, same for everyone else who interacts from any device (desktop/laptop/netbook computer, tablet, phone) and they end up getting restricted? No, THAT IS NOT OKAY AT ALL!!!

So google should fix that right up as soon as possible. I mean, don’t fucking delay it for a month. It’ll piss off and cause a shitton of people to leave the site. I already made a video about this anyways, it’s on dailymotion, viddler and youtube of course. Share, spread it around. Make more people aware of it so they’ll be rest assured that they aren’t the only ones suffering from such bollocks.

Thanks for reading, do share this in hopes of extending knowledge amongst the googletube community as it’s now called, since google runs the god damn site anyways. Don’t forget to “Like” and share this blog everywhere.


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7 Comments on “YouTube removes the ability to reply to comments on their mobile site”

  1. Mewen Brown says:

    We need to tell them to fix it 😦


  2. Emilie Davis says:

    I feel like they are full shit. Fuck google. They ruin everything.


  3. Ranger says:

    I agree with you totally sir. My laptop crashed and right now my only link to the cyber world is my DROID.


    • rootbrian says:

      You could either factory restore windows or replace the dead hard disk, if that’s what the crash meant. If you don’t mind, I’ll pop you an e-mail really soon.


  4. WufanGohan says:

    Youtube is just trying to stop the trolls and the street dumps from creating havoc easier with their cellphones anywhere anytime.


  5. Steve says:

    This is fucking bullshit i was trying to comment on youtube and my desktop took a shit the hard drive is fuck


  6. lim says:

    now google is getting on ma nerves since it has made us unable to comment on youtube videos fuckoff google!


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