Considering the fast flowing river of smartphones… I might just stick with me legacy/classic blackberry bold

I don’t know what I should do, right now I love this blackberry bold 9900. I don’t want to let it go. I have three batteries for it and I haven’t felt the need to buy the latest-greatest either, the Q10. Honestly, if I really wanted to get it now, I still couldn’t. Even if I am working, I still cannot afford it. Life priorities need to come first, getting rid of the debt needs to also happen, that’s what I’m doing right now.

Maybe once my windtab lapses, I’ll get the Q10, but… I probably won’t activate it (I’ll keep the battery out of it) until this bold 9900 stops working entirely, after I have tried everything I could to get it working. Or maybe I’ll keep it as a spare? I don’t really know right now. The three batteries I have for it won’t work with the Q10 and that is a major bummer actually. This is a great smartphone, the Q10 is even greater! But still… I don’t want to let this baby go at all.

I didn’t just buy it, only to ditch it in 3 years. No way, certainly NOT. I bought it to have a great quality smartphone to manage and have direct access to e-mail, social networking being last and to have instant access to maps. Communication is second to none, I will not be able to use a touch screen due to the number of typos I would then be making. I prefer a physical keyboard. Nothing can beat that at all. If you walk and communicate, you don’t even have to look where you are typing. On a touch screen, fuck that, you have to keep your eyes on it. Bad thing if walking, because you could walk into traffic, into a pole, into somebody or trip and fall!

Regardless, I’ll still be loving this blackberry until it no longer works (even if I try a new battery). Blackberry for life, bitches. I won’t go with android, windows phone isn’t for me, apple’s phone isn’t for me either. I used to have windows mobile, but eventually I got sick and tired of it. Once I went blackberry, I haven’t even thought of going back anymore. Just rip it out, communicate, or manage something, shove it back in and go. That is how I roll and if you don’t like it, deal with it. *laughs*

Thanks for reading. Soon, this will be written with a Q10 in due time, once I have the funds that is, oh and a sim tray adapter for the micro sim that it uses, in the case that it gets damaged by any means, which I bloody hope it doesn’t.

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