Excessive barking – What actions must one take when building management, security, and animal services don’t give a shit?

What would you do if you had a few neighbors letting their dog(s) bark all day and night? What if they left them on the balcony with little to no food or water? What if you lost sleep over it all? What action would you have to take, if security, building management and toronto animal service didn’t do ANYTHING about it?

1. You could confront the neighbor or person, but do so with a friend or neighbor. You never know if he or she (the offender) could possibly do. Always be prepared.

2. You could call the police each time it happens until the matter is settled, assuming they do their job and tell the person to keep the animal quiet, or it’s a charge or fine depending on the bylaw.

3. You could lodge a complaint through the city to see if anything could be done on their behalf, to settle the issue right away so it doesn’t happen ever again.

4. You could file a report with toronto animal services (you’ve got to keep at it) against the person for possible neglect and then they’ll investigate the matter within a week.

5. You could easily get the superintendent of the building to send them a notice, or the property manager, or landlord too. Something just has to give right?

6. If all else fails, maybe you need to use a megaphone (tell them to shut the fuck up, control their dog, keep it quiet, etc.) or something else (not gonna mention it, but you could get the idea), or use a flash light and shine it at their unit’s windows until they come out and you then tell them it’s keeping you up all night and if they don’t keep it quiet, maybe just give the dog(s) away if they cannot take care of them.

That is all I can recommend. I hate to be kept up all night because some motherfucker keeps their dog on the balcony and the noise it makes (non-stop barking) echos all over the place. Hell, even my friend 9 blocks away could hear it barking! I would hate to loose sleep too, because, like anybody else, I work most days.

Thanks for reading!! Feel free to share, e-mail, “like” and do what else you would do after reading a blog. 🙂

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