What PETA (People for the Unethical Mistreatment Torture and Abuse of Animals) really is like… A CULT!

If you saw all of the shit PETA has caused over the years, relentlessly targeting video game makers, suing companies for no reason at all, putting up very sexual ads, misusing of donated funds, embezzlement, swindling, fraud, targeting video game makers…. Attacking Nintendo’s Pokemon franchise, the infamous killing, mistreatment, abuse, torture and neglect of animals they “rescue” from obscene places, puppy mills, etc.

If you only knew how fucked up in the head they were, then you would reconsider and HOPEFULLY REVOKE your membership! They are as FUCKED UP as SCIENTOLOGY is. They are a dangerous cult. People who have left were shunned/ex-communicated/disconnected from and never were spoken to again. Web searches can prove that too. I direly suggest and strongly recommend that you research that cult before you even consider joining peta’s ranks.

There is an article where this member of peta is suing nintendo and mcdonalds for emotional distress, just because her daughter got a nintendo DS from her boyfriend as a gift, she BROKE it, DIVORCED her husband and SHUNNED her daughter from going to school AND seeing her boyfriend! This just shows PETA HURTS FAMILIES!!! The indoctrination is so high up there it is not even funny anymore!! I hope PETA gets shutdown soon, I mean it!! I also hope they get SUED FOR FRAUD (all of those sexual misleading advertisements put everywhere, commercials, to recruit more people, majority of the money is put into THOSE, only 10-20% of it for anything else), MURDER, ABUSE, TORTURING and KILLING INNOCENT ANIMALS!!

Here is a video about PETA that I made and I actively encourage anyone and everyone to SPEAK OUT NOW!!


3 thoughts on “What PETA (People for the Unethical Mistreatment Torture and Abuse of Animals) really is like… A CULT!

  1. That article is fake, but that doesn’t make PETA any less insane. Proof of that is that the article is so easily believed as true.


    • The comments just show how insane PETA is too. That’s the main thing I was looking at and what prompted the video (I feel sorry for those stupid enough to fall for it) as those commenters spoke the truth.


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