Buzz buzz BUZZZZ!!! Tinnitus is SO FUCKING ANNOYING!! I need to get slimline speakers from dollarama!! Also dipshits flagging my video got me slammed for two weeks!

What really got me going in the middle of the night was this buzzing sound that was bugging me since I was eight years old. Got louder as it went until I made a sound or rubbed my ears. As I got older, it stayed with me. Ironic huh? Well, I got woken up by it in the middle of the night. Had to grab my smartphone and shove it half way between the pillows, then progressively adjust the volume until it was enough to keep it at bay. Thank goodness for that, and for the tunein application. I don’t have any slimline radios or speakers however, but I will be getting a cheap set soon.

That aside, I’m having issues with funding and all, it got put on hold. So I’ll have to go to the place I never usually have to go to and give it to them or fax it through from home. Giving a phone call by monday in advance so I don’t waste my time and find the worker isn’t there at all. So I hope it can get resolved before it gets any worse and I end up losing the roof over my head. Fuck that! I don’t need it! NOT IN THE WINTER!! 😦

That aside, on January 22 or 23 2014, shortly after putting up a rant to expose this bully on you(google)tube, I had it flagged down. But not his comments, which thankfully I put up in a separate video. The copy of both is on dailymotion thankfully. Looks like he didn’t like freedom of speech/expression, so he said “I’m gonna flag his video to cover it up”, well that didn’t go too well.

He still can’t get it removed from the internet. Not on my watch he won’t. So anyways, I cannot use google (it keeps redirecting to the account features shit) at all, not even a web search. Signing out did the trick and solved that plague of an issue. I hope this doesn’t keep happening, or I’ll have to start over again, which sucks donkey balls. I’m also glad that I made the habit of mirroring my videos, this way, nothing can be taken down due to one’s ignorance or hatred of freedom of expression, something everyone has the right to.

Anyways, that’s an update to keep this blog alive. Toodles!

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Despite the negativity, bad news.. The Jane and Woolner area is actually quite peaceful!

It is time to put all of the negativity, bad news and the past aside for once in our lives… Because the neighborhood called jane and woolner, is not all that bad. Sure in the past it was, I recall hearing shootings from across woolner park almost every day, or every second day, or week, depending on the number of conflicts, turf wars between gang members of any age (didn’t matter if you were 11 or older), drug deals gone wrong/bad, allot of people got killed before 2004.

Then the police started cracking down… When I say that, I mean it! Gang leaders got arrested, weapon/drug caches got confiscated, drug dealers busted, you name it. It eventually ended with a slow, steady and slow grinding halt by the time 2006 hit. Two years of action that turned the community into a peaceful place once again. In between 2006-2009, there was the odd shooting and robbery, including one drive-by shooting, but besides that, it has been peaceful since then.

As far as I am concerned, I haven’t heard of any more shootings, stabbings or violence on the streets since then. Only a few stabbings (broken liquor, beer bottles), one shooting happened in 190 woolner on the 15th floor during a small house party, that was resolved rather quickly with prompt action from paramedics and the police. The shooter likely did get away though, probably didn’t get caught.

It makes me feel allot better to be honest, for the community, the residents, and the youth, despite the chaos that happens in dense neighborhoods in tough times, with poverty and low income being a major thing and concern. I am thankful for the youth mentoring programs that are in place too, in order to keep them out of trouble if you know what I mean. We don’t need any youth having dangerous weapons murdering people. That just isn’t right at all.

Another thing I might add, is the sheer amount of false alarms. This is causing a major disturbance at 220, 230 and 190 woolner ave. People are pulling the fire alarms for fun and games, costing the superintendents, and landlords, allot of money via hefty fines. I wonder if that is going to stop soon, if cameras were put in place in the hallways looking towards the end of the hallways (where pull stations usually are), it would pretty much stop in it’s tracks and those caught doing it, would then either be charged, fined or imprisoned, or worse, evicted.

Looking forward, there has been a very nice wall mural that was painted on the mini plaza building on the south-east side of jane and woolner, giving it more of a beautification. Woolner Park got enhanced with a renewed and extra basketball court, besides a brand new playground for the youngsters to enjoy too, same for 190 woolner.

The rest of the buildings, they haven’t even had a playscape done in years. 777 and 767 jane street has a rusted swing set, slide in dire need of repair, or complete replacement altogether. 230, 220, 210 woolner ave doesn’t even have a single playscape either, not even swings. I think that needs to change, even if it’s to be a smaller set, let it be done. It would add more life to the community to be honest.

I recall the stairway that I used to take going down to the old pathway beyond the school as a teenager, to walk all the way to jane street. I used to take walks around that way all the time, after crossing woolner park, crossing woolner ave, walking through 190 woolner’s property to the gated fenced entrance of course. I just wish they didn’t take out the stairway just because of the number of people trespassing on the property, or hanging out behind the fence while drinking, dealing drugs, or anything else that broke the law/caused disturbances.

It was a shortcut to school, baseball and soccer/football fields. The gated entrance could have been enhanced with a fob access system just like the building entrances are, but the owners of Toronto community housing corporation didn’t seem to give it much thought at all. Oh well, there isn’t much we can do about that.

Some more history in case people didn’t know about this little tidbit, there was a tunnel connecting ALL FIVE buildings together via the sub/basement level of each buildings underground parking space. It went from 190 woolner, all the way to 230 woolner ave. It was hard to imagine a walkway was even existing, but it was. The shameful part was, it wasn’t long before it was closed off and quite possibly filled in (or could it have been just walled off instead? So many questions…) because of people using it to get away from the police when they were called. It was vary much humorous to think about it, almost like a game of cat and mouse.

However, let’s think about that for a moment. What if they didn’t close it down and instead, enhanced the walkway with better lighting, security cameras and actually extended it all the way to Rockcliffe middle school to the south-west (behind woolner, next to rockcliffe), and north to 801 Jane street? Now that would have been much better to be honest. Communities would be linked easily and (thinking for the future) there would have been a link to the Jane LRT station right of way too, as an underpass. But sadly, yes, it was closed down in the late 70’s or early 80’s (around or after Metro toronto housing agency, now toronto community housing corporation, sold all but one of the buildings to independent owners/companies), never to be heard of again or walked through again. But there are still sections that once housed the entrances of it, but they’re either filled in or paved over entirely as of late 2000.

So basically that’s my post. Thank you for taking the time to read it. Do share this via any social networks, e-mail, instant messaging, link to it on websites, share it with the media (if they even give a crap) and include it with anything you might also write/blog about that relates the area. If you have anything to contribute to this publication, please do feel free to leave a comment, and I will be sure to include it and will send you a “thank you” reply to your e-mail address (if it’s not fake) so you will know it did get included.


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I caught Dean R. R. admitting to flagging four of my videos

This is the short screen recording, without  audio, of him admitting to it via google messaging. I was hoping he did not resort to doing this due to him thinking microwaving anything except food is dangerous. Well, if you aren’t careful about what you actually microwave that is not a food item, and it explodes with enough force to take the door off of it’s hinges, or causes enough damage to put dents in the housing of the appliance itself, then you aren’t taking any precautions before doing so. That is about all I need to write on this post.

Another thing I wish to bring up, is that I don’t appreciate my freedom of creativity to be hindered. I fully respect yours, even if I don’t fully agree with your opinions of things, but I would never go about flagging anything of yours or tell you that I would go about that route.

I don’t really need to reference another previous post about this, since it isn’t that hard to find. Sorry dean, if you had to read through this, but I did not want to make this wordpress entry, I was left no choice. But I did the favor out of respect, not to use your middle or last name in the title.