So I was forced by demand to remove all of the amanda mewen mewie mew videos… That were publicly accessible for 1-2 years?

Doesn’t that sound a bit odd, that I, out of all those that mirrored them, was the ONLY chosen one, to be threatened, hounded, to delete the videos, or face legal action and confiscation of all assets, over PAST INTERNET DRAMA? It didn’t contain any legal real names at all. Just aliases that people use on the internet, NOT in real life!

I was demanded to remove them by none other than her boyfriend whom she was dating for 5 months now. While I have nothing against the dude, it just sounded a bit anxious, to resurrect something I couldn’t give two fucks about and didn’t want anything to do with either. Come to think about it, trying to OUTRIGHT CENSOR a PUBLIC VIDEO, is NEVER A GOOD IDEA! If you recall what scientology did with the tom cruise video… It backfired and exploded all over the place!

I call that the streisand effect. I tell you, they are gonna be popping up again. And whoever did download all 9-12 (or was it less than 6?) videos… HAHAHAHA, will just re-post them since they were publicly accessible for over a few years now, the last one was 8-10 months ago when the drama folded forever. Don’t be surprised if you start to see copies springing up all over the internet following this post, since it isn’t me who is to blame, it is whoever demanded them to be taken down.

I only re-blog the leaks, I only feature the videos and all, it’s others that proudly host and prevent them from being deleted due to censorship-loving whitewashers. Be it scientology, trolls, two-faced people and all. It never will ever get deleted from the internet. 😉

UPDATE!! THE DRAMA BREWS!! Dominic (amanda’s boyfriend) wants me to DELETE any video blogs EVEN REFERENCING “mewen”, “mew” and “mewie”. That is targeted harassment right there and outright BLANTANT CENSORSHIP! Well, I’m not taking any video blogs down, old, new or upcoming, doesn’t matter. THEY STAY UP!! No matter what happens. I will NOT tolerate such bullshit anymore! Neither should you!

Thanks for reading.

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