I am not surprised about encyclopedia dramatica archiving the amanda mewen/mew/mewie brown videos…

Before you start reading and getting all excited, please note that I will always be a critic of E/D, since I don’t agree with what goes on with that website and it’s content. I am just writing this as a result of what just occurred. Now, on to the post…

It came to me as a surprise to be honest, I was sent a message on (REDACTED, none of anyone’s business) five nights ago, with the links to all of the videos… What does that actually mean now that somebody else has ALL nine videos? That means something entirely brilliant. The striesand effect has taken effect.

That means I won’t have to worry about somebody demanding me to delete the videos anymore… They will be up there for eternity and nobody will ever be taking anything of the sort down, any more, period. I suggest now that this writer of the wordpress, be left out of any further chaos, as it is entirely out of his control. Whoever does what with the videos, is their choice.

For those that WANT it down, let’s just say… Good luck with that. Why you might ask? Nothing on that wiki will ever come down. People have tried many times, in the tens to thousands, to remove articles… They just came back seconds later. I wouldn’t be surprised if they are already in the works of writing an article about mewen brown, wouldn’t that be something? Of course, they’re free to use my wordpress for a citation, as anybody else can too, since it is of my own writing, opinions and thoughts, nothing more.

Oh and if you want to see the videos, here they are, linked below. They aren’t going anywhere. As I said previously, when the internet sees something that is at risk of censorship, it does what must be done to prevent it from happening.











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