The Muki Baum Association is changing it’s name to avoid all of the negative PR… to Aptus?

The reason why I am writing this post, is because of what went on in the past that is basically trying to be escaped from, almost washed away, but we all know what can’t happen, eg. Escaping what happened. Besides that, if they really are trying to change what happened and all, then I wish them all good luck, those way high up in the organization and all.

If they are still locking the place down, not letting those that left visit at all, even with an appointment, or denying their calls, treating them like they’re filth when they’re trying to visit/call in, then it’ll only get much worse. But if it’s going to change and stop all of that, then it’ll be good. The organization needs reform, total reform entirely. If it doesn’t get that, then it’s in for a crash course.

Here are a few videos that are linked, holding the previous name and might be tagged to reflect the new name if nothing is changing, once I have word what the status of the issue is, be it good or bad.

Gig at the organization:

A video where two people talk about what went wrong (it’s in between the performances)

A talk about institutional abuse


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