The news/media won’t cover the stabbing that occurred at jane and woolner on Saturday April 26 2014, so i’ll write a short post about it instead

So yeah, there was a stabbing at approximately midnight (12:00 am) on the date in title of this post. The story? there is not much to write about considering I didn’t have much time to talk to police (I was heading to dufferin and lawrence, not that uncommon at that time of night) due to where I was headed and didnt have much time to get to my destination either.

From what I saw, there was about 16-20 police cruisers, yellow police tape, and motorists/pedestrians/cyclists were asked to take a detour or alternative route. On foot/bike, you could walk through the park, hydro field. By car, you had to turn back and go north on rockcliffe to alliance and west to jane, or south on castleton to St. clair and east to jane.

My best guess about how long the investigation lasted, was from shortly after midnight (when the emergency crews arrived, same for police and fire departments), until shortly after 4:00 am. I don’t know if anyone was fatally shot or they were injured. The cause? Either rival gangs, drugs, someone having it out for somebody they hated for unknown reasons, money, somebody causing trouble (no really) or a dealing (of any kind) gone wrong. Nobody will know. I just wish more people would speak up and not live in fear of being killed/targeted. There is a reason why 222-TIPS exists… Use it for fuck’s sake! You could help catch who stabbed and almost killed the person!

Other than that, there is no need for a video to be made about this incident, as these things happen all over the city, neighborhoods, communities, regardless what time of day or night it is, at random or planned out. The media (ctv/citynews/cp24, cbc, global tv, chch, etc, etc.) and news print doesn’t help make things any easier to deal with, and it impacts the community and neighborhood’s reputation too, which is not what we want.

In other words, stabbings around here don’t seem to happen all that often, only once or twice a year, a great big relief from when it was the 1980’s to early 2000’s. It is much safer than what the media makes it out to be. In other words, if you don’t intend to look for trouble, it won’t find you. As a community, people think together. This is what we need, more programs and community action.

Thank you for reading.
Later edited to include what the media passively mentioned, replaced shooting with stabbing, minor changes made.