Seriously, what is the point of bidding on ebay if sellers are going to jack up the prices using many accounts at once? Hello? Shill bidding is ILLEGAL and ebay doesn’t seem to be doing FUCK-ALL about it!

I was legitimately bidding on a few things, well, up to ten, with an explicit amount in which I had intentions to pay for the items I won, if any, and then the stupid accounts the sellers were using jacked it up almost twice than what it originally was. For what reason, to get me to bid much more, or get into bidding wars? Fuck that! I then reported the listings, still, NOTHING is being done about it. I think ebay allows this type of behavior since they now hide/obscure usernames and make it damn near IMPOSSIBLE to catch those in the act anymore.

If you notice sellers with newly listed items and they use accounts with little to NO feedback, then it shows that they’re committing the acts of shill bidding, which is illegal and against ebay’s own policies. Something needs to be done about it. Maybe we as a force not to be fucked with, need to massively send ebay a message to finally get their bloody act together and enforce those policies, stop hiding usernames and finally let people report it easily without having to guess everything each time. I read quite a bit about this kind of behavior and it is so unfair to those legitimately trying to win/buy anything on ebay. It makes it next to impossible to afford anything, and it seems a majority of those assholes doing the shilling are from CHINA, much less anywhere else.

Again, something definitely needs to be done about this and time seems to be limitless, or ebay just WANTS people to do it. Maybe they secretly allow it. Says so on some websites. I simply think ebay is then violating it’s own policies, going against it’s own rules and making it totally UNFAIR for those legitimately selling their own items to make a few bucks. This is so obscene, I wish it would end. Leaving negative or positive or neutral feedback and mentioning that they’re bidding on their own items, that’ll get deleted allot. But doing so in protest should be quite effective too. They cannot delete EVERY single line especially if it’s done en-masse.


Anyways, thanks for taking the time to read my frustrations upon the issues I am facing. Feel free to share this, as it can help people from having to go through the trouble, maybe even get ebay AG, to change their ways too.

This just in… on Thursday May 1, 2014 at 11:55pm until approximately 12:30am or 1:15am, mentally disturbed person at 210 Woolner Ave, Greentowers

From what I could observe, there are two police cruisers, two parametics and two ambulances! I don’t know exactly what went down, but I could bet there was almost possibly an injury resulting from violence and a weapon, maybe a few weapons, maybe a party turned into a mob? A house party gone wrong? That’s what it seems like.

Update: More police arrived, hold shit, emergency task force! What could be happening? Could it be the swat too? I never imagined something like that would be going down on woolner ave… Just 9 minutes from my place. This is nuts. They’re all gearing up. It might be a drug bust, a sting operation resulting from a great anonymous tipster?

Update: I hope what happens happens. Looks like a bomb threat and equipment is being wheeled out too. Crazy!! This doesn’t get any better, but scarier at the same time. Being at the edge of it all and clear of the spot they’re focusing on, which is 210 woolner ave, green towers. It’s pretty quiet and I don’t feel like snapping any photos to attract unwanted attention either. But what can you do… Just observe, watch and wait at a safe distance.

Update: One ambulance vehicle left the scene. Seems to have calmed down. Don’t see anyone arrested yet. What could be happening? Could it also be a hostage situation? Seems like it. Maybe a robbery or break and entry? I haven’t asked anybody any questions at all yet. It is getting cold out… There’s one police cruiser in front of the lobby entrance, two officers outside it.

Update: Paramedics supervisor is getting ready to leave, parked on woolner ave. It doesn’t look like there might be any more action but we will see, as long as I can stand the dropping temperatures. A paramedic vehicle just left. It seems this might end up being a rogue or hoax swatting, which is never a good thing, if it is that case, nobody knows but who was involved.

Update: Surprisingly it turned out to be a mentally and emotionally disturbed person. They had smashed a number of theirs and others property in a unit and they were very erratic in their behavior, very disorderly to be honest. The police officer was very honest about it and they did take the person into custody. All is well now on woolner ave!

Now I gotta get home and have some tea, I’m chilled, that’s for sure. 😉

Thank you for reading!