People throwing trash, junk, garbage, crap off of their balconies in toronto housing apartment buildings should be ashamed of themselves!

Why do people do this? Why don’t they think twice about littering? As hard as it is to write such a post, as much as it angers me to see this kind of laziness occurring in areas I live close to or visit/hang out at regularly, I wish it would stop. Don’t people even realise how much of a safety hazard it is? What about the terminal velocity/speed an object reaches when it drops from, say, a 10th floor balcony and hits a person or impacts the ground RIGHT NEXT TO THEM? It can cause an injury, fracture, even death! What if it hit somebody just walking by? What if it hit a pregnant mother? She could risk losing her baby!

I wish people would think twice before committing such an act that does violate the rules of the lease, because once they are caught, it goes on their file and eventually leads to EVICTION if it happens enough. I myself have been hit by water on a freezing cold day (I promptly called security), seen people toss trash/junk/garbage, toys, balls, food, peels from vegetables/fruit, a cell phone. I also saw somebody toss down a number of beer bottles, a fridge, television, fans, a mattress, couch, dresser, cabinet, a friggin GARBAGE CAN, bottles of water, FECES and diapers! I have to ask one thing to people… HOW FUCKING LAZY CAN YOU BE?!?!? There is a GARBAGE CAN for GARBAGE, a RECYCLE BIN for RECYCLING and a GARBAGE CHUTE to toss that trash from the can down. You DO NOT toss it off of the balcony!

I sure hope the Toronto Community Housing Corporation is listening, reading, and observing these kinds of complaints, even social media. I hope they are NOT ignoring it either. Doing so would prove that they really don’t care about preventing lawsuits, injuries, deaths and property damage caused by the act of dumping trash/throwing objects off high-rises can do once it makes impact with a person or vehicle.


Thank you for taking the time to read this. Feel free to share this with anybody who has concerns too, as it might end up encouraging them to monitor and catch whoever it is that is throwing their junk out of their units.