Lack of playscapes, missing soccer/football fields, bmx/bike areas in the jane and woolner neighborhoods

This is a bit of a concern for me and the community, a park that isn’t as used as the playscape at 190 woolner ave (on average, there are 50 occupants, peak there’s close to 120!), lack of playscapes at the other neighboring buildings (200, 210, 220, 230, 767) lack of a soccer/football field (a small one that is) in woolner park, rusting swings at 777 jane street that need repair or replacement. 200 woolner used to have a nice set of swings, a slide too. It has since been converted to a parking lot that remains not fully utilized at all, with a number of abandoned vehicles parked there.

If some playscapes were added to the other buildings with the removal of some parking spaces, it would be allot better for those not wanting to take their sons/daughters across the street (or a few blocks) to the park. It only makes sense.

I think this community needs some improvements, some crosswalks could also be added on woolner ave, as many people dash across the street and I have seen drivers speed down without a care in the world, as if the road wasn’t being crossed or used. Or perhaps a tunnel (underpass) crossing? What about a BMX/bike park that weston lions park has? I am sure there is enough room. The old basket ball field (the new added to it) could be that, or it could be a soccer/football field too.

Something has to be done. I will be forwarding this post to city council and the local ward to see what can be done to improve the area and help flourish the community. I feel many more would share the same feelings as I am expressing. Would you want more parking spaces, or more room for play areas? I think the play areas would be allot better and beneficial.

Thanks for reading.

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