Somebody tried to break into my wordpress blog to attempt to edit/delete posts, NOT HAPPENING!

Well well well, I had a feeling this might happen, but it didn’t go well, considering the act of trying to reset somebody’s password without their consent is fucking useless. I got an e-mail telling me that I requested such a reset, while I wasn’t even at home, but buying some groceries. So how could I forget my password and be trying to relentlessly login incorrectly a number of times? Bull. Shit.

So whoever tried that definitely wants something removed, or edited. Well, I am not going to be removing nothing from here, not anything at all. So get that through your arse and get over it. This blog contains my unbiased opinions, freedom of speech/thought/expression, opinions, choice and ideas. It covers things that happened which concerned me, even if it was internet drama trolls got me involved with (which is a great big mistake, because I exposed the FLYING FUCK out of it!) that I didn’t have much interest in to begin with.

So yeah, what I type and submit to be posted here is not coming down. Even if you tried to abuse law enforcement, it didn’t work the last time. It won’t work this time either. They know what your game is, and I explained it well. So just move on and forget this thing exists, if it bothers you that much. Google Chrome, Firefox have browser addons that can easily make it so that doesn’t even exist, which allows you to never see it again.

Again, thanks for reading and acknowledging this post. Nothing will ever get deleted, so let it be.


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