My first time going to ford fest with a friend, it was great!

It started at 5:00pm. I got there a bit late, but left home as quick as I could. Taking weston road the majority of the way there, then via the humber river regional trail, which has many connecting pathways. The one I took connected with islington via the back road to a plaza near rexdale. I then got to the place (islington and rexdale, south-west side) where it was being hosted.

There I met up with a friend and later on, my family. The music was very repetitive, cover bands and a DJ playing what I would call “commercial droning”, the same music every big radio station is playing every minute/hour of every day, all day. I tried to ignore it the majority of the time. The stage was compact but roomy from the looks of it.

Then came the next part were the mayor was speaking, I enjoyed that. Unfortunately I didn’t get to film the whole thing, due to waiting in the long lineup for the BBQ, to get a burger. Rob was speaking, then Doug followed. The speech was great. There was also a few rides and cotton candy near by. I stayed until it was over, then left. My friend wanted to hit tim hortons, but if we left, then I wouldn’t have shaken doug’s hand, nor would he had his photo taken with doug ford.

All in all, the whole thing rocked. It was just really crowded. So many people from all over the city, north, south, west, east, central, beaches, you name it. Sunny without a single cloud in the sky and quite warm out. Had it been cold, I wouldn’t be staying that long, unless they had heaters.

Thanks for reading.


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