Facebook disables and discontinues photo uploads via e-mail/MMS as of March/April 2015 without telling anybody about such changes

Ever wanted to upload a photo via MMS or e-mail? Wondered why you never got a notification or that it bounced with a message failed response in your inbox? Blame facebook.

Facebook (mark zuckerberg) took the effort to silently disable that such feature without any notice what-so-ever. So that’s why I am writing this post, to alert everyone wondering whh the fuck they can’t MMS/E-mail in their photos.

I noticed this back as far as March or April. I was not happy. When in areas that have heavily congested data (ie. Slower than you can imagine) and bad latency (higher than 300-3,000 milliseconds!), uploading via the application will more than likely time out, or fail. Sometimes you won’t even get notified if it did in fact get submitted successfully until you get to a wifi hotspot (if using a tablet or smartphone) or computer, only to find you uploaded the same thing a multitude of times.

I and so many others have used the e-mail and mms methods to no end, and we very much appreciated it’s uses. But now that it’s missing, we aren’t happy at all, we are pissed off.

If facebook doesn’t even have the decency to let people know that they plan to discontinue, remove or disable such features without any prior notice, then what is the point of using their centralized network?

If something better springs up, I will most definitely have the family migrate over. I hope facebook really does go down the shitter and people lose interest massively. They already are trying to monopolise the internet, what are they going to do next, control and censor the entire Internet?


Anyways, thanks for reading. Feel free to share this to get the word out there.

Proudly typed up and posted using my BlackBerry 10 (QNX) powered BlackBerry Classic (codename Q20).


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