Atkinson-Baker and Scientology, somebody is very butthurt and trying to wipe it off the face of the internet

There is a quote and it shall be here: Nothing ever gets erased, deleted, purged or white-washed off of the internet.

Apparently Atkinson-Baker thinks they can remove their ties with the cult of Scientology. Uh oh, better lawyer up! it’s not going to happen anytime soon.

A scientology reddit section is making headlines too, and the ones trying to get it removed simply because the name is used in conjunction with scientology, is really becoming quite the lulz fest.

Scientology can never ever EVER take this information down. It never will happen. No matter how many front groups they use, or complaints they make. NOTHING comes down from the internet.

Sorry “church”, but this ain’t happening. Suck on a long one for us, suppressive jerkinovs.

Why We Protest forums thread

Topic on the scientology subreddit:

Truth about Scientology website:

Tony Ortega’s post:

Xenu directory:

Career bliss:

Leaving scientology blog:

Ex-scientologist message board:

Our Home website exposing the front group:

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Many thanks for feedback on typos noticed. Very thankful. Fighting and exposing this insidious cult isn’t easy. We must all do it together! 1951-PRESENT!


Blank and doing nothing

So today started with getting up very late in the afternoon after staying up until 5:00am this morning after a bike trip around the postal code grid of m6n. Well, that didn’t do me any good, because it screwed up my day.

I ended up not being able to go to weston and lawrence to meet my brother at wendy’s to pickup the card reader, so now I’m stuck (not that it’s urgent) waiting until the next time he comes over to have it returned.

So I ended up biking the same route I did yesterday, just earlier in the evening while there was some daylight. What I assumed to be a path running through a fence along the side of a railway, the part of it was too narrow to ride or walk the bike through, since the fence that I was going to go over was run over by someone using an ATV, I didn’t take the risk of puncturing my tires.

So I turned back and headed home, I didn’t feel like fighting the winds to get home, so next time tomorrow, I’ll take the day to go biking throughout the city and haul some shit to ensure I get a full-on sweaty workout.

That’s all for now, I’m watching a documentary on TVO, second one of the day, I’ll watch a few more until 2 or 3 in the morning before heading to the bed to sleep. I might even catch a movie on TMN.

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