Scientology is only going to cause great harm to the community – Push them OUT of Guelph!

The cherch of scientology is already in the process of moving to guelph, fucking off out of toronto because of the deadness and deadbeat (lack of stats on thursdays @ 2pm SHARP), however we cannot let them take over the city or negatively impact/affect the community of people there. We don’t want a clearwater happening in a beautiful city in ontario!

So many people are vulnerable to this dangerous, misleading, misinforming, deceptive, lying and insidious cult; youth, senior citizens, anyone suffering from a mental illness/impairment (that is often invisible unless acting out), addictions to street drugs or narcotics such as opiates, or alcohol of any kind/strength.

The “free stress/capacity tests” are the bait and switch thing, and they are often meant to make people feel fucking horrible about themselves, such if somebody was suffering from depression or has emotional issues with a bad relationship’ this could drive them right to suicide! That is the LAST thing anyone needs to be told they are a terrible/horrible/bad person.

We need to also educate the people about scientology’s dozens of front groups! ABLE, Applied scholastics, Youth/united for human rights international, drug-free marshals/citizens for a drug-free world, CCHR (citizens commission on human rights), the way to happiness, narconon! The list goes on. These make zero mention of scientology at all!

All in all, the cult of scientology needs to be ejected from guelph, and proactive educating of the public would be the only way to ensure they stay out. These parasites will go to no end to try and recruit people. They want to rid your of critical thinking skills, job/employment, education, social skills, communication skills and anything you were taught in school! Nobody wants to be deprived of that. Nobody needs disconnection to break up their family and loved ones.

Sincerely, a very concerned citizen, who supports the city of guelph to get scientology OUT!


My thoughts on parents improperly caring for and not feeding your children because of facebook games…

Okay, the reason you came across this blog post/entry/text blog, was likely because you googled a game’s title or something like that, or you were curious to read this, or your parents aren’t properly caring for you or themselves due to getting addicted to facebook’s large arrays of games, both good and completely fucking pointless. Well, this post is here to tell them to wise up, drop the games and take care of their children!!!

I have read many, MANY facebook posts, a majority of them public and shared, of people being addicted to games on facebook and by children, teenagers and minors, asking or pleading for their parents, obviously, on facebook, due to the fact that they’re being ignored by their parents because of those damn games. Some have wished they could get their own place, to be properly cared for, to be fed properly, complained about eating late all the damn time and so many more things. One even wished someone would hack their facebook account and block all of the games. But let’s not get into that now.

Parents, if you are responsible enough, why do you game for so many long hours, on games that clone/copy/parody each other? Why aren’t you paying any attention to your teenagers, children or young ones? The games shouldn’t be the primary focus, YOUR KIDS should be. I get tired of reading all that, the same is being said on twitter, but the media hasn’t picked up on it. But as long as you keep hearing about neglected or starved children in your city, it’s likely due to facebook games, or gaming in general. It’s such a terrible thing to see, read and hear about.

What I want to say is… STOP WASTING PRECIOUS TIME FEEDING THOSE VIRTUAL CROPS, CARING FOR VIRTUAL TOWNS,MAKING FAKE FOOD,MANAGING THAT FAKE RESTAURANT!!!! your CHILDREN and FAMILY are more important than that!! Are you THAT addicted to it, to not give a fucking care in the world about your own children and family? Do you know why they keep asking for food, or when you are going to cook dinner/supper? DROP THE GAMES AND FEED THEM!!!!

Also, it’s bad for your own health too, lack of physical activity is terrible and it’s a growing plague. Muscles waste away, get thinner and then, you end up losing that mass/build you once had.

Many people who read those posts, mainly by family members or children affected by these games, are then reported to the police, children’s aid, schools, and by friends. I hate to see that happen, but if even I have to do that, DAMN RIGHT I WILL!! I don’t like to see that happen to anybody. These games are addicting and after a few months, I gave up and blocked ALL of them. Too many attention-seeking/demanding games. I had it, gone, all of them.

I didn’t need to waste all of my time on the computer when I needed to get shit done. I’m so glad I quit. That and gamers itch, that and a sore back, legs, arms, wrists and everything associated with it. I’m sure you get the same thing. That is a sign. How fast did 6:00pm become 12:00am? Yeah, consider how much time you give to gaming. If you have a family to care for, THEN STOP IT and care for them!!

If you got pissed off by this blog entry, so what? You should have thought about it in advance that somebody would bring it to the light of day who witnessed a shitton of this happening to friends and family. They know personally. I hate to see things happen in a negative fashion. I dislike gaming personally now and only do a few minutes of it each day. Yes, not for hours, just minutes.

So think twice, think thrice, think about it for a moment and look at those kids, or the baby, who you neglected by not feeding them. Facebook games should be the VERY LAST THING you should be worried about. That can wait and plus, it’s not real. It’s VIRTUAL. Just because that food went bad, or the crops spoiled, or that pet died, doesn’t mean it will happen in real life, because you did the fight thing, took a break, to feed and care for them. REAL LIFE is more important than the internet.

Thank you for reading and taking the time to think about things I bright up. Feel free to share, like and/or e-mail this. If you have any feedback that can be added, that is, VALUABLE feedback, contribute via the comments. It will be added during the time I take to contribute to this entry. I targeted quite a few of the top games being played/used right now.

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That scientology protest

So it started off with one anon at the usual location, in front of the Org, they didn’t close the blinds, that is, until the second showed up, when I started yelling through the megaphone before being told to move across the street by the country style owner. I moved back across with the other anon upon his arrival, made late due to transit delays and construction.

Once I started shouting at over 180 Db, Mario closed the doors, it had no effect, I kept it up every so often and people were looking. We talked to some critics and some handlers, it was quite amusing to say the least and for one thing, it actually was more entertaining than the last one. One anon, barely gets any attention, when there’s two or more, then people notice.

The handler got handled by us and also got ripped apart by a critic, he eventually got too nervous and left. Are we too much to handle? Lol. I guess we were. There also was a section of the video (that I caught) of two people going the wrong way through a one-way street. What a bunch of assholes. They’ll be on the web in that video too. I thought to myself, “what were they thinking?”, If they wanted to cause an accident, that was the bad idea, it wouldn’t have been a smart one either.


  • All in all, a great turnout. Looking forward to the next one.

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