Scientology Toronto leaks twice in a row, Protest at new temporary and current mOrg’s to piss off the ronbots!

So yeah, it basically started off with two leaks that happened on the exact same day that I spotted in the misdelivered/junk mail to be disposed folder outside the lobby. I always seem to be curious as to what’s in there. Sometimes there are free samples, like tea, which I pocketed. Why waste it eh? This time it was two envelopes packed full of SCIENTOLOGY INTERNAL INFORMATION!

I excitedly grabbed them out of the folder that’s mounted on the wall and took pictures as I was opening each one and sorting each detailed piece out. Then after I took photos of every single one of them, I quickly used the same digital camera that wants to be a D-SLR and did a fly-by of every single piece in video form. As soon as that was done, I got to running each piece through the monochrome scanner. I only had to redo two pieces due to it getting stuck and skewing the image.

Then I got to uploading ALL of the photos and scanned images, then worked on stitching each video clip together. That took a few hours to do, but it was worth it. Then, it got uploaded to the internet and embedded on the forums. After which… Surprise surprise, a recon photo/video shoot was had, and a double solo protest was held, basically being hit and miss with another lovely anonymous protester.

There was allot of garbage/rubble/rubbish/trash/junk that nobody would want due to it getting rained on and possibly having bed bugs in or on it. But whoever grabs it, I won’t. I took photos of all of it, videos of all of it. The org is a fucking mess last I saw it. They’ve got to downsize it to ensure everything fits in the tiny peter street mOrg. They might just get charged for dumping OR littering, if they don’t dispose of it properly. BWAHAHAHA to them if they do, which I hope they get FINED.

We both had our fun! The cult got so pissed off! I got into their faces a few times, the cops were called and after switching to plan B in a snap, they glared at the cult of scientology for wasting their time yet AGAIN, twice in the same day!! Hmm, they even think that they own the public sidewalk that people walk on each day. Ha. I’ll show them next time, unmasked, I’ll enturbulate their asses hard as an SP who use an I DON’T GIVE A FUCK attitude, but in a friendly, polite, civilized manner.

The one thing I hate is violence towards anybody. I don’t care if they try and fair game me. I give fake names all the time, same for fake addresses and no phone numbers. They (OSA) will have a ball with me. Being the random and viral video blogger that doesn’t quite get noticed too often or appreciated, I’ll sure get noticed soon enough. Scilons will help make it big. XD

Thanks for reading. Video links follow this blog entry.

Scientology Toronto made a big mistake! Dox haz been
dropped for you all to consume!

Toronto Church (Cult) of $cientology recon – 696 Yonge
and 77 Peter Street mOrgs

December 8, 2012 – Double Scientology Solo Flash Raid –
Piss ’em off moar!

Free scientology garbage at the toronto Morg

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Bike’s basket renewed, replaced, over 200 spammers BUSTED on identica, mothers day, etc.

Yup, I finally decided to replace the basket on the tricycle. It only costed a total of $13. $10 for the bin, $3 for the screws at the home depot. I then took it apart (was only tied on by one bungee cord), screwed the cookie sheet in place with the four screws and nuts (not wingnuts, luckily), with a bit of trouble getting them screwed in due to the lack of a proper sized wrench, but that didn’t stop me at all. Now, fully assembled, I then used the remaining hardware wire I originally had holding the mesh basket to it, to tie down and secure the clear storage bin. Now, I have a fully assembled basket to carry just about everything, which is supposed to last about two years before needing to be replaced due to damage, wear and tear, or rust.

It took a while to figure out the idea of it once I got to doing it. Removing the old basket took 15 minutes, including everything I added to it, even the reflectors. The lower old rusted screw holding the narrow smaller size stabiliser wasn’t easy, which resulted in breaking my screw driver’s slot tip (OH COME ON!!!!), I had to WD and then set the fucker on fire (yeah, just that one damn screw), then rapidly shoot freezing cold water at it to get any debris off it, which worked and loosened it. Once I got it off, I made sure to punch holes into the cookie sheet. Come today, I headed the Home Depot on St. Clair West and purchased the four screws, at $0.48/piece. I went to work, assembled it and now, FUCK YES, I don’t have to worry about it falling apart in those few coming months.

Side note, as soon as I took the old basket off, the bottom came completely off. Luckily I didn’t wait any longer. Damn rust and improper care before I bought the bike used. 30 years inside a damp shed is NOT what should be done!! Oh well, i’m very happy. 🙂

NOW… For the busting of the spammers. I discovered over 200 in total, linked to each other (followed back) on identica. I went to work silencing ALL of them, then posted a notice announcing it. That made me feel so good! Best of all, they were all dormant accounts! All waiting to be used again and again and again to post 500 times per second in order to flood the timelines. Now they’re all GONE. Looks like those motherFUCKERS aren’t going to be having a very good time at all making over 200 new ones, manually that is. Next time, i’ll screen record the silencing of them all and then show it to the team. Discovering large numbers of spam accounts isn’t easy you know! It’s rare for them to link hundreds. But hen that does occur, you know what must or has to be done!

Okay, i’m off to the pub to celebrate MOTHERS DAY by, you know, purchasing dinner for her, glasses of wine and tomorrow, buying her a bottle of wine. better than flowers, since they don’t last too long. Wine goes a very long way, since it’s not dranken allot at home. PEaCE OUT!!! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1