Scientology is only going to cause great harm to the community – Push them OUT of Guelph!

The cherch of scientology is already in the process of moving to guelph, fucking off out of toronto because of the deadness and deadbeat (lack of stats on thursdays @ 2pm SHARP), however we cannot let them take over the city or negatively impact/affect the community of people there. We don’t want a clearwater happening in a beautiful city in ontario!

So many people are vulnerable to this dangerous, misleading, misinforming, deceptive, lying and insidious cult; youth, senior citizens, anyone suffering from a mental illness/impairment (that is often invisible unless acting out), addictions to street drugs or narcotics such as opiates, or alcohol of any kind/strength.

The “free stress/capacity tests” are the bait and switch thing, and they are often meant to make people feel fucking horrible about themselves, such if somebody was suffering from depression or has emotional issues with a bad relationship’ this could drive them right to suicide! That is the LAST thing anyone needs to be told they are a terrible/horrible/bad person.

We need to also educate the people about scientology’s dozens of front groups! ABLE, Applied scholastics, Youth/united for human rights international, drug-free marshals/citizens for a drug-free world, CCHR (citizens commission on human rights), the way to happiness, narconon! The list goes on. These make zero mention of scientology at all!

All in all, the cult of scientology needs to be ejected from guelph, and proactive educating of the public would be the only way to ensure they stay out. These parasites will go to no end to try and recruit people. They want to rid your of critical thinking skills, job/employment, education, social skills, communication skills and anything you were taught in school! Nobody wants to be deprived of that. Nobody needs disconnection to break up their family and loved ones.

Sincerely, a very concerned citizen, who supports the city of guelph to get scientology OUT!


Bill C-51 passed and I cannot believe it! – June 20, 2015.

The only way it could easily have passed was due to bribery or hush money, given to those in parliament to push the bill forward, or else it would NEVER have passed. This angers, disappoints and pisses me the fuck off to no end! I just cannot believe it even happened… I wonder what the media is making it out to be… Good? Bad? Positive? Who knows… It’s their own agenda. Probably going to distract people away from it like a herd of sheep.

If I could give the premier stephen harper a slap in the face and on the wrist, I would do it. Never would hesitate to even not do it. Now where the fuck are the freedoms of canadians (including myself!) and activists alike, going to go? Down the drain? In an interrogation room? The jail/prison cell? I would shutter to think the worst might just happen… Like what if it affects freedom of assembly peacefully, or peaceful protests/movements against dangerous organizations such as cults or criminal corporations? What about censoring our right to freedom of speech, expression, choice and thought?

We need to keep rallying and not give up. If there is a possible chance to fight and get this bill unvoted and kicked out, it can be done. Nothing is impossible. We just have to get together and demand it. These cronies basically ignored all of the outrage, protests, rallies and movements happening during the time it was being debated and voted on, then today it gets accepted without a single thought? There is definitely something wrong happening. I just wonder if somebody will speak out and get to the bottom of it. We need whistle-blowers, THAT is for sure.

I have nothing more to say… >:O (very angry expression)

Edit: just realised this was a week or two ago from the date I posted this. Shit on me.

Dominic R. or likely amanda mew/mewen/mewie brown’s was forced to make a false police report to (supposively) make me remove content?

Update: turns out it was amanda who forced him to make the false report?

Well, this happened a few months ago to be honest, it wasn’t the least bit surprising or shocking either for that matter. I missed a phone call from a detective, who left a brief message. After listening to it, I called them back. I was thinking… “Who could have made this call?” Once I got on the phone with the detective, I asked who made the unlawful police report, the detective disclosed who did it, which turned out to be none other than Dominic R.

I briefly explained to the detective and mentioned that this person was hell-bent into censoring my rights to freedom of expression/speech/thought,choice and about the internet drama that was related to it all. She understood and probably wasn’t too happy to know they made a false report.

Well, case closed, I don’t think they’ll be doing that again any time soon. Abusing law enforcement is foolish: You can be charged for making a bogus/prank/unlawful/false report/call to police and they can track you down depending on the severity of it. Anyways, I won’t be deleting any of the content/media that is linked/hosted at all. It stays up. It never comes down. Period. It’s been a while since the last time this crap happened,

I don’t want to make another chronicals of truth podcast vlog about this either, but I probably will if it keeps up. This time, NAMES WILL BE MENTIONED if it crosses the line.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, if the named person is reading this, I suggest that he moves on, right away. Let it go, drop it. Life is more important than internet drama that nobody gives a rotting shit about.

People throwing trash, junk, garbage, crap off of their balconies in toronto housing apartment buildings should be ashamed of themselves!

Why do people do this? Why don’t they think twice about littering? As hard as it is to write such a post, as much as it angers me to see this kind of laziness occurring in areas I live close to or visit/hang out at regularly, I wish it would stop. Don’t people even realise how much of a safety hazard it is? What about the terminal velocity/speed an object reaches when it drops from, say, a 10th floor balcony and hits a person or impacts the ground RIGHT NEXT TO THEM? It can cause an injury, fracture, even death! What if it hit somebody just walking by? What if it hit a pregnant mother? She could risk losing her baby!

I wish people would think twice before committing such an act that does violate the rules of the lease, because once they are caught, it goes on their file and eventually leads to EVICTION if it happens enough. I myself have been hit by water on a freezing cold day (I promptly called security), seen people toss trash/junk/garbage, toys, balls, food, peels from vegetables/fruit, a cell phone. I also saw somebody toss down a number of beer bottles, a fridge, television, fans, a mattress, couch, dresser, cabinet, a friggin GARBAGE CAN, bottles of water, FECES and diapers! I have to ask one thing to people… HOW FUCKING LAZY CAN YOU BE?!?!? There is a GARBAGE CAN for GARBAGE, a RECYCLE BIN for RECYCLING and a GARBAGE CHUTE to toss that trash from the can down. You DO NOT toss it off of the balcony!

I sure hope the Toronto Community Housing Corporation is listening, reading, and observing these kinds of complaints, even social media. I hope they are NOT ignoring it either. Doing so would prove that they really don’t care about preventing lawsuits, injuries, deaths and property damage caused by the act of dumping trash/throwing objects off high-rises can do once it makes impact with a person or vehicle.


Thank you for taking the time to read this. Feel free to share this with anybody who has concerns too, as it might end up encouraging them to monitor and catch whoever it is that is throwing their junk out of their units.

This just in… on Thursday May 1, 2014 at 11:55pm until approximately 12:30am or 1:15am, mentally disturbed person at 210 Woolner Ave, Greentowers

From what I could observe, there are two police cruisers, two parametics and two ambulances! I don’t know exactly what went down, but I could bet there was almost possibly an injury resulting from violence and a weapon, maybe a few weapons, maybe a party turned into a mob? A house party gone wrong? That’s what it seems like.

Update: More police arrived, hold shit, emergency task force! What could be happening? Could it be the swat too? I never imagined something like that would be going down on woolner ave… Just 9 minutes from my place. This is nuts. They’re all gearing up. It might be a drug bust, a sting operation resulting from a great anonymous tipster?

Update: I hope what happens happens. Looks like a bomb threat and equipment is being wheeled out too. Crazy!! This doesn’t get any better, but scarier at the same time. Being at the edge of it all and clear of the spot they’re focusing on, which is 210 woolner ave, green towers. It’s pretty quiet and I don’t feel like snapping any photos to attract unwanted attention either. But what can you do… Just observe, watch and wait at a safe distance.

Update: One ambulance vehicle left the scene. Seems to have calmed down. Don’t see anyone arrested yet. What could be happening? Could it also be a hostage situation? Seems like it. Maybe a robbery or break and entry? I haven’t asked anybody any questions at all yet. It is getting cold out… There’s one police cruiser in front of the lobby entrance, two officers outside it.

Update: Paramedics supervisor is getting ready to leave, parked on woolner ave. It doesn’t look like there might be any more action but we will see, as long as I can stand the dropping temperatures. A paramedic vehicle just left. It seems this might end up being a rogue or hoax swatting, which is never a good thing, if it is that case, nobody knows but who was involved.

Update: Surprisingly it turned out to be a mentally and emotionally disturbed person. They had smashed a number of theirs and others property in a unit and they were very erratic in their behavior, very disorderly to be honest. The police officer was very honest about it and they did take the person into custody. All is well now on woolner ave!

Now I gotta get home and have some tea, I’m chilled, that’s for sure. 😉

Thank you for reading!

The news/media won’t cover the stabbing that occurred at jane and woolner on Saturday April 26 2014, so i’ll write a short post about it instead

So yeah, there was a stabbing at approximately midnight (12:00 am) on the date in title of this post. The story? there is not much to write about considering I didn’t have much time to talk to police (I was heading to dufferin and lawrence, not that uncommon at that time of night) due to where I was headed and didnt have much time to get to my destination either.

From what I saw, there was about 16-20 police cruisers, yellow police tape, and motorists/pedestrians/cyclists were asked to take a detour or alternative route. On foot/bike, you could walk through the park, hydro field. By car, you had to turn back and go north on rockcliffe to alliance and west to jane, or south on castleton to St. clair and east to jane.

My best guess about how long the investigation lasted, was from shortly after midnight (when the emergency crews arrived, same for police and fire departments), until shortly after 4:00 am. I don’t know if anyone was fatally shot or they were injured. The cause? Either rival gangs, drugs, someone having it out for somebody they hated for unknown reasons, money, somebody causing trouble (no really) or a dealing (of any kind) gone wrong. Nobody will know. I just wish more people would speak up and not live in fear of being killed/targeted. There is a reason why 222-TIPS exists… Use it for fuck’s sake! You could help catch who stabbed and almost killed the person!

Other than that, there is no need for a video to be made about this incident, as these things happen all over the city, neighborhoods, communities, regardless what time of day or night it is, at random or planned out. The media (ctv/citynews/cp24, cbc, global tv, chch, etc, etc.) and news print doesn’t help make things any easier to deal with, and it impacts the community and neighborhood’s reputation too, which is not what we want.

In other words, stabbings around here don’t seem to happen all that often, only once or twice a year, a great big relief from when it was the 1980’s to early 2000’s. It is much safer than what the media makes it out to be. In other words, if you don’t intend to look for trouble, it won’t find you. As a community, people think together. This is what we need, more programs and community action.

Thank you for reading.
Later edited to include what the media passively mentioned, replaced shooting with stabbing, minor changes made.

Did Amanda Mewen/Mew/Mewie Brown or her boyfriend send me photos and dox? – Chronicals of Truth Podcast!

So this is the second release of the Chronicals of Truth podcast… Apparently mewen/mewie/mew brown or dominic sent me photos and dox on March 4, 2014 and wanted them to be published all over porn sites. Well, I figured out that red flag quite easily, and didn’t bother.

First of all, I don’t use porn sites, so why would I even bother registering just to post the photos? Why would I even want to post such photos if they were from (and file history proves this) on december 31, 2013? It appears they were the same photos sent to many facebook groups everybody affected, was a part of, so no sense repeating that trash.

Second, I checked the IP addresses from the headers and the first 6 e-mails were spoofed using only yahoo’s headers… That is, until this one odd IP was checked and it turns out it was from new hempshire on cogeco.. BINGO! If they thought spoofing it work, well, it did not. The address isn’t that far from mewen/mew/mewie’s anyways, since it was crosschecked using basic map software.

Third, impersonating themselves was hilarious, mildly stupid and interesting at the same time. Even I could do that better, but it didn’t take me long to figure it all out now did it? I may have a disability of a few, but I’m certainly not stupid or dumb. The internet works in mysterious ways, information is the same, you find out things between the lines.

The podcast is embedded below.

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