Speaking of competition, WHY doesn’t Bell, Rogers and Telus offer UNLIMITED DATA USAGE?

The big three have done this in the past (about six to eight years ago) on student plans and some others, then they started gouging people by eliminating those and charging by the megabyte (and gigabytes depending), forcing people to be extremely careful about using their data and not to go over their cap/bucket/quota/limit. More or less to force them to use wi-fi when available (not many places offer it, which is a shame. Either it’s locked, requires a registration, or payment to use).

It’s now 2016, and US carriers (including those in other parts of the world), are offering unlimited data, some with a bundle of another service, and others as it is. Windmobile did this in 2009, and they have been growing since that time, same for mobilicity. The only two carriers to even OFFER unlimited data usage.

So why can’t rogers (fido/chat-r), bell (virgin) and telus (koodo) do this? What is stopping them? They have the spectrum and capacity, they have the surplus funding to do it, and tit’s not like they will EVER run into revenue problems down the road.

Only congestion, during peak times that is, in BIG cities, especially downtown areas and during big events such as big sports events, festivals and concerts (which promote social media use, big time). But I’m sure they can avoid congestion by putting their extra hoarded spectrum to use. 😉

As for the “fastest network in canada” claim, it’s simply not realistic. It never will be. Wired internet connections can and will beat that. Mark my words. Just do a speed test to prove it, during peak times.

Okay, so whoever works at bell, rogers and telus, listen up, and start doing something to compete. We canadians are sick of the gouging. $90/GB? Come on, get real. Nobody charges that anymore. Abolish your overages!! SERIOUSLY!!

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The wait is finally over!!! The entire session, stories, secrets and lies included by the people who told them, is finally, FINALLY released, ahem, leaked to the public. Now, all YOU have to do is… Share it, encourage others to re-post it, re-blog it, re-share it, re-upload the video (after you download it, which is permitted, after all, it’s a creative commons licensed video!) to your channel, blog, hosting, anywhere. As long as there isn’t a length limit on videos, it’ll be fine. Hmm… Maybe I could join the Wikileaks club… lol Embeddings and more are below, I hope your attention span allows you to listen to it, all two hours and six minutes to be exact!! 😀

Link to the video, which contains a still image and the audio: http://www.viddler.com/v/d9186b1d

I have also embedded the video below:

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