Speaking of competition, WHY doesn’t Bell, Rogers and Telus offer UNLIMITED DATA USAGE?

The big three have done this in the past (about six to eight years ago) on student plans and some others, then they started gouging people by eliminating those and charging by the megabyte (and gigabytes depending), forcing people to be extremely careful about using their data and not to go over their cap/bucket/quota/limit. More or less to force them to use wi-fi when available (not many places offer it, which is a shame. Either it’s locked, requires a registration, or payment to use).

It’s now 2016, and US carriers (including those in other parts of the world), are offering unlimited data, some with a bundle of another service, and others as it is. Windmobile did this in 2009, and they have been growing since that time, same for mobilicity. The only two carriers to even OFFER unlimited data usage.

So why can’t rogers (fido/chat-r), bell (virgin) and telus (koodo) do this? What is stopping them? They have the spectrum and capacity, they have the surplus funding to do it, and tit’s not like they will EVER run into revenue problems down the road.

Only congestion, during peak times that is, in BIG cities, especially downtown areas and during big events such as big sports events, festivals and concerts (which promote social media use, big time). But I’m sure they can avoid congestion by putting their extra hoarded spectrum to use. 😉

As for the “fastest network in canada” claim, it’s simply not realistic. It never will be. Wired internet connections can and will beat that. Mark my words. Just do a speed test to prove it, during peak times.

Okay, so whoever works at bell, rogers and telus, listen up, and start doing something to compete. We canadians are sick of the gouging. $90/GB? Come on, get real. Nobody charges that anymore. Abolish your overages!! SERIOUSLY!!

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Bill C-51 passed and I cannot believe it! – June 20, 2015.

The only way it could easily have passed was due to bribery or hush money, given to those in parliament to push the bill forward, or else it would NEVER have passed. This angers, disappoints and pisses me the fuck off to no end! I just cannot believe it even happened… I wonder what the media is making it out to be… Good? Bad? Positive? Who knows… It’s their own agenda. Probably going to distract people away from it like a herd of sheep.

If I could give the premier stephen harper a slap in the face and on the wrist, I would do it. Never would hesitate to even not do it. Now where the fuck are the freedoms of canadians (including myself!) and activists alike, going to go? Down the drain? In an interrogation room? The jail/prison cell? I would shutter to think the worst might just happen… Like what if it affects freedom of assembly peacefully, or peaceful protests/movements against dangerous organizations such as cults or criminal corporations? What about censoring our right to freedom of speech, expression, choice and thought?

We need to keep rallying and not give up. If there is a possible chance to fight and get this bill unvoted and kicked out, it can be done. Nothing is impossible. We just have to get together and demand it. These cronies basically ignored all of the outrage, protests, rallies and movements happening during the time it was being debated and voted on, then today it gets accepted without a single thought? There is definitely something wrong happening. I just wonder if somebody will speak out and get to the bottom of it. We need whistle-blowers, THAT is for sure.

I have nothing more to say… >:O (very angry expression)

Edit: just realised this was a week or two ago from the date I posted this. Shit on me.

Typed up two letters, hand-delivered them and went on a major excursion throughout the northern part of Toronto!

So today all started when I left for Yonge and Sheppard to hand-deliver an envelope with three letters in it. The rain caught me when I got to bathurst and then let loose a FURY of MOTHERFUCKING RAGE!!! It then slowed, stopped and ended. I survived it. But my coat was drenched. I arrived 30 minutes earlier than I expected even though I took a few detours.

I met my brother in McDonalds, handed him the envelope, ate an egg mcmuffin and had a coffee, then left shortly after he did due to the A/C being on, which was chilling me the fuck out. I then got the half-damp coat on, helmet on, and away I went up Yonge to Finch, and turned east and went on until I got to the parklands. The coat was bone dry by the time I arrived.

From there, I headed north to bestview park. There was a small hill to climb to get to the park, but it wasn’t that hard. I enjoyed it, worked up a sweat. I then circled around and looped back to the exit which I had entered into the park from. I barreled down the hill like a locomotive out of control, sounding the bell 9 times in a fury to alert the person sitting down on the path to look out. I then headed towards the southern section of the east don river trail, exiting on Cummer. I headed east and proceeded to victoria park. I should have gone to warden, but it was okay.

I headed down south, turned east to pharmacy, which ended at the 401, so I went east to warden to avoid the big climb victoria park had to go over the 401. Warden was awesome, I didn’t have to climb such an overhead. I then came across the hydro field gautiner recreational trail, that went from victoria park to Kennedy station at Eglinton Ave East. I looped around and then headed back to victoria park along the trail from beginning to end, which felt more like a bikeway than anything I had ever ridden on.

As soon as I got to victoria park, there wasn’t a ramp to off-load into the road, so I dead-headed back to warden, and headed south. It was a smooth decline and incline all the way down south, which I enjoyed allot. I don’t remember how I got back to pharmacy, but once I did, I took it south to Danforth and headed a few blocks east to go south on victoria park until I got to garrard. Once I arrived, I headed west along it until Woodbine, turned south and took the lakeshore path, north side, until I got to Don Roadway.

I then got delayed, as I reported a few impeding pan-handlers who were risking getting hit by traffic as they walked in between moving vehicles asking for money. The cops took a while, almost forever to arrive. Once they did, two officers on bikes, I watched as they got ticketed. I mainly did that for their own safety in mind. The pan-handlers were very nice and weren’t causing trouble, but I would hate to see them getting hurt by raging motorists. One of them was surprised to know I waited around all that time, smiling at me in a cheerful mood. I guess he understood my point.

I then headed west to Parliament, then to longboat, then to the esplanade right until arriving at Yonge street. I then headed north until I got to bloor, headed west until two blocks west of Dufferin, took a one-way street to Wallace, then headed to the West Toronto Railpath, to arrive at Osler, then davenport, then under the bridge and homeward bound at runnymede.

Need I remind you, I was in a dilemma, fighting with myself on where the fuck I wanted to go and when to decide whether to do it or not. This happened at least 9 times, that and the sleeper magnet displacing itself, causing my blackberry to chime instead of vibrate. That was distracting!!! I figured to silence it and place it the other way, screen facing me, which put it on vibrate and kept the screen off, reducing the distraction again.

All in all, this excursion caused me to get evenly well-worn in, worn out by the time I arrived home with an aching back. I collapsed on the bed, passed out, for 45 minutes. I then woke up, ate a few snacks and then, dinner at 1:45am. I feel great, I haven’t had this much exercise since going to oshawa last year, which I intend to go this year, again, by bike, via the Waterfront Trail this time.

Okay, enough is long enough. Thank you for reading!!!! 😀 PEACE OUT!!!!

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