Nintendo cuts off all channels, downloads and online gaming network from their Wii console – NINTENDON’T Buy their consoles anymore

I wasn’t expecting to hear that from nintendo, or actually should I say, an angry gamer friend who was in the middle of a game when it got interrupted and eventually, crashed and shoved it back to the home screen of his console, only to find ALL OF THE WII CHANNELS WERE DISCONTINUED!! He certainly didn’t break his console, but he did get quite pissed off, angry and screamed at the top of his lungs!

Now think about all of the others who bought that console that is still on sale. Think of the developers… Did they all just GET THE FINGER? I think so. WHY THE FUCK would Nintendo do such a thing? Why can’t they just keep it available as long as people use and own the console, besides the wii-u, which isn’t any different than the wii? Why CUT OFF the wii from everything and restrict it JUST to the wii-u?

I just don’t understand why. Why nintendo, why are you treating us gamers like FUCKING BIG FAT CASH COWS?!?! Do you think we are that DUMB and STUPID? I sure am NOT!!! I will NEVER, as long as my NES works and that EMULATORS exist, buy any new hardware from you UNTIL you stop this nonsense. Mark my words, motherfuckers.

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