Scientology is only going to cause great harm to the community – Push them OUT of Guelph!

The cherch of scientology is already in the process of moving to guelph, fucking off out of toronto because of the deadness and deadbeat (lack of stats on thursdays @ 2pm SHARP), however we cannot let them take over the city or negatively impact/affect the community of people there. We don’t want a clearwater happening in a beautiful city in ontario!

So many people are vulnerable to this dangerous, misleading, misinforming, deceptive, lying and insidious cult; youth, senior citizens, anyone suffering from a mental illness/impairment (that is often invisible unless acting out), addictions to street drugs or narcotics such as opiates, or alcohol of any kind/strength.

The “free stress/capacity tests” are the bait and switch thing, and they are often meant to make people feel fucking horrible about themselves, such if somebody was suffering from depression or has emotional issues with a bad relationship’ this could drive them right to suicide! That is the LAST thing anyone needs to be told they are a terrible/horrible/bad person.

We need to also educate the people about scientology’s dozens of front groups! ABLE, Applied scholastics, Youth/united for human rights international, drug-free marshals/citizens for a drug-free world, CCHR (citizens commission on human rights), the way to happiness, narconon! The list goes on. These make zero mention of scientology at all!

All in all, the cult of scientology needs to be ejected from guelph, and proactive educating of the public would be the only way to ensure they stay out. These parasites will go to no end to try and recruit people. They want to rid your of critical thinking skills, job/employment, education, social skills, communication skills and anything you were taught in school! Nobody wants to be deprived of that. Nobody needs disconnection to break up their family and loved ones.

Sincerely, a very concerned citizen, who supports the city of guelph to get scientology OUT!


Gamer’s itch doesn’t exist while playing grand theft auto? WTF?!?!

I never thought I would be writing this blog post… But gamer’s itch seems to have gone away for good, as long as I play grand theft auto. 😀 isn’t that brilliant? Isn’t that wonderful? Finally!! I’m NOT affected by it.

I did have a damn good time these past few weeks, taking breaks in between gaming and all. Basically all of it on windows xp, cracked of course and also, GTA being downloaded via bittorrent. Saves me from wasting a few hundred bucks to grab it.

The PC version rocks the house if you happen to ask. With the frame limiter turned off, it’s silky smooth, regardless of how fast your computer is, well, at least for me. Curious, what ARE my specs? I’ll tell ya in a summery: Intel Pentium 4 at 3.06 GHz, 1GB RAM, gigabyte ATI HD 4600 series graphics. Yup, all of the good shit.

How long do you wonder? I have been gaming for, if you count it all in one session, 72 hours total. But that’s basically spanned over a few weeks. I did end up staying awake wayyyy too long. I did right up until NOW once I looked at the clock, I flipped out and closed the game. I just don’t want to ruin the sleep pattern again. Oh well, that’s what happens when you game and have such a great greeeeat time.

Cheats you wonder… I’m using them ONLY to start wars with the police. That’s the main reason why. If I follow the story, I won’t use them at all. So far, I’m having allot of fun regardless. Until then, peace out gamers and readers. I have to get some shuteye before I end up going insane. 🙂

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First of all, I wanna say….

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!! I got down there on time, but didn’t think about filming the whole concert. The bad: the balcony was closed off. Maybe because a few years past, people threw shit off them. But I got the last two minutes before the fireworks and it was a blast. Sandwiched between the crowds of people, got showered with beer (or champagne), nearly got shoved into a woman carrying two small kids and let the crowd push me around in circles until I finally made my way out.

I took the smart route to get out of the crowd via the back road of city hall. It didn’t take long. Along the way, I picked up two abandoned, but wet and partially frozen earmuffs. That’s a value right there! So I have three spares now. I just need to wash them before using, since they were buried in the snow and walked on by their abandonees.

Then I met up at the burger king, didn’t get fat food, stopped by the shawarma restaurant at Queen and Church to get some good food and then rushed back to burger king. Enjoyed the food, the coffee talked and then… We left and I got on the subway (rode on by the way) and now I’m waiting for the TTC personal to ensure there isn’t anymore delays before I actually get to head to jane station, then bike to St. Clair Ave West at the coop place.

I haven’t taken the TTC in so long, it feels strange, but hell yeah, I’m going to be amongst drunken, hyper and awesome, random people until I reach my delayed destination. All the while blogging and having my digital camera and blackberry ready for the moment anything wild happens.

After 16 minutes, the train leaves Yonge and now is headed to Bay station. The bike isn’t running into people due to the wheel being turned at an angle. Thanks to that, or I could lock it in place so it doesn’t even budge.

Exiting bay station, next stop is St. George. There wasn’t that many people at bloor, but there could be many more, but as I look out the window, not many got on. I guess a majority of them went home earlier to crash at a friends or the own places. I’m happy I have my own transportation. I get where I need to go, not needing to depend on a driver or public transit.

Woah, many at spadina as I just arrived, but not big crowds. I wonder if there’s going to be many at bathurst… To avoid the bike swaying towards others, I have my shoe under the wheel. Bathurst was empty. Ha, now some idiot played with the doors, stalling for 3 seconds. Oh well, off to christie!! Arrived, nobody got on.

I think that’s why I’m in the last car, not many get in, they usually flock to the middle or the front most trains. Heh, doesn’t bother me. At least I’m not being sandwiched and my bike fits snugly in the centre of the car between two sets of seats. At ossington, few get off, that’s it. I thought I saw a friend of mine, but it’s not kartik, someone else who looks a bit like him.

The train leaves, no disruptions this time around. Dufferin looks a bit cramped due to the elevator and expansions going on, only a few people got in the car I’m in, plenty probably got off the others. Lansdowne… Same as dufferin, just not cramped, one gets off. Dundas West might be another story. Dundas West, bunches leave the car I’m in, probably dozens more. Next is Keele. There is allot of people talking andd looking, staring at others and themselves.

Keele is outdoors, so the train is now cooling off a bit. It was getting a bit too warm. Now it’s at a more modest temperature. Holy moly, I’m typing without even looking and haven’t made a single mistake yet. Only looking occasionally. High park, arrived and there isn’t many either. However… Had it been early on, there would be hundreds if a delay occurred. Runnymede is the next one, which it’s been arriving to now, a bit of a slowdown caused the train to jolt. Wonder why.. I should get off, but there isn’t an elevator to ride into. So jane it is, next…

Here comes jane station… The passengers that are sitting in front and beside me are departing at islington. I need jane. I’ll have to sound the bell before I can get off the train. Damn, it slows down in the tunnel. Maybe track repairs or people working on shit. Actually, it’s the crossover switch. Arrived, time to get off. LAUGH OUT LOUD (HAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!) the fucking doors TRIED TO MUCH ON ME!! LOL!! I waited for the door operator to open them so I could get the rest of me and the bike off the train.

Now to the elevator, riding across the mezzanine to the next elevator, riding in and going up, then on the bus platform and up jane street I went like a rocket!! My brother, my mother and his girlfriend beat me home. I was behind the last bus they were on, essentially they were in the front car. Go figure. As soon as I got off, they caught the last bus homeward bound.

Now I’m home, fish is getting cooked and it’s time to wash the found earmuffs. Dinner was quite wonderful, I’d call it breakfast because it wasn’t fully prepared or served until 7:00am. So basically it was a new years breakfast with fried fish, lentils, beans, a baked potato and cranberry sauce. It was so damn great!! Now, since I’m still awake and it’s the morning, I’ll remain awake and go job hunting and check up on the jobs my computer is still busy with.

Thanks for reading and have a great new year’s day!! Don’t forget to share, like, reblog, spread and e-mail this entry to others who get bored frequently and need a good long random read!


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Laundry and dealing with missing mismatched socks, bluesfest, etc.

So yeah, it’s been a while since the last time I made a post on here. Don’t you think one bit that I forgot you!

So from saturday to monday and a half, I got the laundry done and disappointingly, the driers weren’t working. So I had no choice but to hang it all outside, despite the risk/threat of rain, all of it managed to get dried, a bit of it re-rinsed due to the rain. It was quite fun actually, having more than 60 pegs to hold up the extra heavy clothing. This took TWO DAYS.

Now, had I not had a supporting pole, the clothing would be still drying as of now. I had to erect it before actually hanging the remainder up. It only required a screw hook to ensure it stayed up. Coaxial cable is damn strong and handy when it comes to holding 85 lbs of clothing.

All that while I was at the bluesfest, enjoying the blues except one obvious fault, the media card flunked out on me, including the built-in storage. That made me feel like raging!! But anyways, it was a damn good concert and festival. Saw and heard some fantastic music. I stayed for the entire event, didn’t miss a beat or a sound wave. Grabbed a meal while I was there and ignored the beer garden too, I had water with me, so I didn’t need to spend anymore than I had to.

After the event was over, after being lightly rained on for a majority of it and using the sense to bring an umbrella with me, I was fine. I made the mistake bringing the heavy coat, which was quite stupid. A light coat would have been better. Oh well, next time I’ll make a better choice. Did I mention I was alone the entire time? Yeah, family was at ikea from morning to closing. I would have been bored to DEATH.

After I left woodmine park, I ventured into toronto-wanderland. I was all over the areas between St. Clair and Eglinton, climbed avenue road and so on. I got the exercise I needed to get and felt damn good. Before that, got a frappucino at starbucks. Mmm Mmm good.

Once I got home, I went to bed, passed out and forgot the world existed. 😀

Now, the last part of this blog entry: mismatched single socks. I had about 15 to rid, out of 60. Thankfully I matched them all up and got rid of the loners. That was complex and frustraiting. I didn’t do this for a year… a year!!, but now it’s done, settled and they’re sorted, the loners in the trash bin. I thought of burning them as a big wick, but meh, fuck it. I have a bunch of old rags for that. Individual socks aren’t worth it and plus, having rubber in them, would stick like hell.

So thank you for reading this long long RANDOM post. Peace out, I won’t forget next time. I have just been busy this past few weeks. Sleep patterns that’re out of this world suck so much. I need to fucking restart this motor and get back on the road before shit gets crazy!! 🙂


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